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  • Bob Dylan: “The Brazil Series” Paintings & Drawings in Copenhagen

    “The Brazil Series” is exhibited in a large well lit gallery. In a gallery alcove, there is a timeline of Dylan’s career. The painting are exhibited in the main part of the gallery. On a back wall, there a video of the curator discussing Dylan’s paintings interspersed with Dylan sketching and four persons expressing their views of the paintings. The timeline, the video, and the painting and drawing labels are in English. (English is the common language among the Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Norway, and Sweden).

  • Daly honors Public Comment Man, Walter Paulson

    Daly honors Public Comment Man, Walter Paulson

    Outgoing District 6 Supervisor Chris Daly did the unthinkable today during the weekly Board of Supervisors meeting. The oft-unabashed, activist legislator known for his f-bombs and wily rhetoric, sang a duet – an adaption of Piano Man no less – with the man he was honoring during commendations, public comment maestro, Walter Paulson.

  • Rev. Billy Talen Leads Congregation Against Sit/Lie Measure

    Rev. Billy Talen Leads Congregation
    Against Sit/Lie Measure

    Set against a backdrop of dozens of green and yellow ‘No on L’ signs on the corner of Mission and 16th streets, Talen and the Life After Shopping Gospel Choir sang a rendition of the First Amendment before Talen began a short sermon denouncing what he called fundamentalism and a paranoia of fear.

  • Mirkarimi Co-Endorses in D6

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    Mirkarimi Co-Endorses in D6

    An advocate of ranked-choice voting, Mirkarimi said he co-endorsed School Board President Jane Kim and Building Inspections Commissioner Debra Walker. Both Kim and Walker are considered the leading progressive candidates in the race for the open seat.

  • America’s Tea Party Phenomenon

    Promoted as grassroots activism, the party gained national recognition in media-hyped mid-2009 congressional town hall protests against Obamacare, banker and other bailouts, fiscal excess, and bogus claims about Obama’s socialist agenda.

  • Meg Schwarzenegger and Arnold Whitman!

    Meg Schwarzenegger and Arnold Whitman!

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  • This is currently a hot topic

    San Francisco’s Outposts of Dictatorship,
    and What You Can Do if You Live in One

    In late September I put up a couple of campaign signs in my windows -one for Michael Nava for Judge, and one for No on Sit/Lie (Prop L), two races which may be close and probably can use the attention.