• People gather around a memorial at Castro and 18th streets on Sunday to remember the lives lost in a nightclub shooting in Orlando, Fla. (Jessica Christian/S.F. Examiner)
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  • Omar Mateen, the alleged Orlando killer.
  • Standing room only at Frank Ogawa Plaza with many others queuing in long lines to hear Bernie Sanders' speech.
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  • American Muslims protest growing Islamophobia in the U.S.

Aerial view of al-Safira chemical weapons facility.

Syria and Chemical Weapons of Mass Destruction

May 01, 2013 | 1 Comment

Evidence of alleged sarin gas use has supposedly come from human tissue samples. A few dozen Syrians are said to have been killed. If true, did Assad forces or the opposition forces use these chemical weapons and why was only a small amount of sarin used?

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Sister Helen Prejean.

‘Dead Man Walking’ Author to Speak in SF

April 29, 2013 | No Comments

Author and anti-death penalty activist Sister Helen Prejean, whose bond with a condemned man inspired the Oscar winning film Dead Man Walking, will speak in San Francisco May 9 in a free, community event presented by the San Francisco Public Defender’s office.

The residents of Whitehorn in Northern California are battling climate change to save the Matthole River watershed and its delicate habitat.

California Community Battles Climate Change to Save Water-Starved Habitat

April 27, 2013 | 1 Comment

For the residents of Whitethorn, a California community nestled among the coastal redwoods 200 miles north of San Francisco, the impacts of climate change have been a reality for over a decade.


Rethinking Law Enforcement Priorities on 4/20

April 20, 2013 | 8 Comments

I was attending a protest against the nudity ban recently. One of many since San Francisco Supervisor Scott Wiener introduced and passed legislation banning nudity across the city. What was striking about this protest was that there were about 20 protesters and 20 police.

Cartoon by David Horsey

Tyranny of the Minority Sinks Meaningful Gun Control Legislation

April 20, 2013 | 4 Comments

Failed gun control legislation has again fallen victim to the tyranny of the minority. Legislation strengthening background checks – supported by 90 percent of Americans – has been defeated in the U.S. Senate 54 to 46.

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Social Engineering’s Solution to Gridlock a la Santa Monica

April 13, 2013 | 6 Comments

For those of you suffering severe traffic problems where you live, you might want to know what is evolving in the southern reaches of our state, specifically, in what is sometimes referred to as the Socialist Republic of Santa Monica.

Laura's Law

Making Laura’s Law More User Friendly

April 09, 2013 | 3 Comments

State Senator Leland Yee has introduced Senate Bill 664 which, if passed, would remove a number of burdensome requirements in Laura’s Law, an assisted outpatient treatment (AOT) program passed by the California Legislature in 1999 and recently extended to December 31, 2017.

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I want Just F***ing Food

April 06, 2013 | 101 Comments

I was at a moderately priced Sushi restaurant a few weeks ago. While I was going through the menu, I saw that they had crab. When the waitress came by, I asked her if it was real crab. She smiled coyly, and informed me, “It is imitation crab.”

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Roe v. Wade: Still Controversial After 40 Years

March 27, 2013 | No Comments

On January 22, 1973, the U.S. Supreme Court in Roe v. Wade legalized abortion. In the case, Jane Roe, a pseudonym for Norma Leah McCorvey brought a class action suit challenging the constitutionality of a Texas criminal abortion law…

Rachel Aliene Corrie, April 10, 1979 – March 16, 2003.

The Tenth Anniversary of Rachel Corrie’s Death

March 17, 2013 | 2 Comments

Rachel Corrie, a 22-year old peace activist from Washington State, was killed on March 16, 2003 by a Caterpillar bulldozer operated by the Israeli military while trying to stop a Palestinian family’s home from being destroyed. Israel has destroyed more than 24,000 Palestinian homes since 1967 and more than 1,500 orders exist for future demolitions in East Jerusalem alone.

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Cardinal Angelo Scola.

Time for a Reform-Minded Pope to Reform a Church in Tatters

March 12, 2013 | 4 Comments

With the surprise announcement of Pope Benedict’s resignation and the present selection of a new pope, it is equally surprising that the mainstream media has not included a discussion of the widespread allegations of sexual child abuse by Catholic clergy or the coverup by church officials.

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In a tribute to Jimi Hendrix ahead of the 50th anniversary of The Summer of Love, a new mural of legendJimi Hendrix, painted by Bay Area artists Ernest Doty, Max Ehrman, and Sean Griffin, adorns the wall of The Red House in San Francisco's Haight District.  Photos by Manic Streets.

Fitting Tribute to Hendrix Ahead of Summer of Love Anniversary

March 12, 2013 | 15 Comments

In 2017, San Francisco will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of The Summer of Love, and with it the artistic renaissance of the hippie movement that began in summer of 1967. The Haight-Ashbury district was the center of it all, alive with music, psychedelic drugs, marijuana, sexual experimentation, political extremism, beatniks and hippies. It is a neighborhood that defines the culture of our city and where many people are still drawn to, longing for a glimpse of a memorable moment in San Francisco history.

Andrew "Ellard" Resignato. Photo by Larry Strong.

The Invasion of Iraq Ten Years Later: A Mistake That Should Not Be Forgotten

March 04, 2013 | 4 Comments

I can remember it like yesterday. I was in Chicago at a Centers for Disease Control conference for work and it was going to happen – we were going to war in Iraq, a war based on lies

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A rally was held on the steps of City Hall, 2/22/12, in an effort to drum up support for the honorific renaming of San Francisco International Airport after Harvey Milk.  Photos by Luke Thomas.

Supporters Rally to Rename SFO After Gay Civil Rights Leader

February 23, 2013 | 7 Comments

As many as two-hundred supporters representing a growing coalition of organizations convened Friday on the steps of City Hall to rally support for the renaming of San Francisco International Airport in honor of Harvey Milk, the slain civil rights leader and LGBT icon.

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Laura L. Wilcox, March 5, 1981 – January 10, 2001 was murdered by a mentally-ill  patient. Laura's death was the impetus for AB 1421 known as Laura's Law.

Time to Implement Laura’s Law

February 23, 2013 | 15 Comments

AB 1569 was recently signed into law, which means authority in the Laura’s Law statute for a county to operate, establish or continue a program of Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT), has been extended until December 31, 2017.