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  • AT&T, Verizon Contract Agreements With CWA/IBEW Workers Remains Elusive

    Despite soaring revenues and profits, AT&T and Verizon continue to seek concessions from employee unions, a demand which has led to stalled contract talks and threats of strike action by Communications Workers of America and International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.

  • CWA workers threaten to go on strike

    AT&T Strike Threat Looms

    A 17,000-worker walkout in California and Nevada looms as contract negotiations between AT&T West and Communications Workers of America stretch into a stagnant second month.

  • This is currently a hot topic

    Workers to Protest Pacifica Radio Over Union Busting

    Pacifica Foundation hired Jackson Lewis in 2010, but that is the only point of agreement between the five-station, listener-supported broadcasting network and its KPFA workers group.

  • CWA Fires Salvo in War Against KPFA Union Busters

    This is currently a hot topic

    CWA Fires Salvo in War Against KPFA Union Busters

    ut it has happened at Pacifica Radio, where management has hired the notorious union-busting attorney Jackson Lewis–and CWA members are mad as hell.

    This is a huge slap in the face to the workers who bring Pacifica’s shows to listeners and to the donors who expect their contributions to support radio programming, not union busting. It’s just the latest attack on the workers who make stations like KPFA in the Bay Area possible.

    CWA-represented workers at Pacifica station KPFA have started a petition calling on Pacifica to drop this declaration of war right now and get rid of Jackson-Lewis. You can click here to stand with Pacifica Radio workers.

  • National Day of Action: Workers Fight Back Against Corporate Greed

    In particular, the Day of Action, which brought demonstrators out in cities across the U.S., trained its sights on Verizon Communications, where management and unions have been locked in a fight over benefits since a contract lapsed in August.