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  • The Fall of the Democratic Party: What Happened and What’s Next?

    Much has been written about the disaffection of likely Democratic voters in the just-held presidential election. But this disaffection began long ago.

  • The Painful Side of Democracy

    Just as a broken clock is right twice a day, there are some pronouncements made by Trump that are just plain true. The election was indeed rigged, but it was from within our own electoral process and not from outside forces.

  • Donald Trump, the Muslim Basher

    On the final night of the Democratic National Convention, Khizr Khan delivered a passionate appeal for voters to support Hillary Clinton, and accused Donald Trump of sacrificing “nothing.”

  • Taking a Leaf from Bernie’s Book: Clinton’s Student Loan Plan

    The growth in college debt is an issue close to the hearts of millions of voters, but for young Americans who came of age in the midst of the recession, it is a problem of towering proportions. For many of the “Millennial” generation, finding meaningful employment to repay staggering student loan debt, has proved a near impossible challenge

  • Building the Revolution – Tens of Thousands Feel the Bern in Oakland

    People snaked their way through Oakland on a hot holiday afternoon to see Bernie Sanders, thousands waiting in a miles-long line to experience this historic presidential campaign, even if it meant missing the beginning of Game 7, when our beloved hometown Warriors won the NBA Western Conference Finals.

  • Bernie Sanders: Drawing Massive Crowds Yet Still Considered a “Long Shot?”

    Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, an unabashed democratic socialist, is making quite a splash in the media and on the campaign trail. The question is, can an independent, democratic socialist win the Democratic nomination for president?

  • Thoughts on Killing of U.S. Ambassador Stevens

    While anti-American feeling is strong in parts of the Middle East, the attacks in Egypt and Libya were really a case of political opportunism by the Salafist Islamic extremists who are unhappy with the success of the more moderate Islamist and secularist parties in Egypt and Libya.

  • Mending Fences in Laos

    Earlier this month U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton became the first high level U.S. official to visit Laos since the Vietnam War. Although not touted as such, the visit was an effort to mend fences with Laos, the most heavily bombed nation per capita in history.

  • Gender Equality: Is There a War on Women?

    Peggy Noonan of the Wall Street Journal sums it best as she writes, “The war is against women in American public life, in politics and media most obviously, but in other spheres as well. Leaders who are women are publicly demeaned and diminished because they are women. Women are the object of sexual slurs and vulgar sexual terms, meant to tear down and embarrass.”

  • Live from Denver: Obama Wins California Roll Call Vote

    Supervisor Chris Daly proudly holds up his reissued DNC delegate pass. Photo by London Breed By Chris Daly August 27, 2008, 4:15 p.m. Denver, CO — For all you California Democrats out there who are…

  • Why Hillary Wasn’t Chosen

    Why Hillary Wasn’t Chosen

    By Jill Chapin August 27, 2008 After watching Hillary Clinton’s stunningly powerful and classy convention speech last night, I understand why Rudi Guiliani said that Barack Obama should have picked her as his running mate.…

  • Where Were Your Manners, Hillary?

    Where Were Your Manners, Hillary?

    By Jill Chapin June 4, 2008 Hillary, Hillary, what were you thinking at your “concession” speech the other night? Didn’t your mother teach you to be a gracious loser, to accept defeat with dignity, and…

  • Regularly Scheduled Programming

    By Terry Canaan May 30, 2008 The big news today is that the Rules Committee for the Democratic Convention will meet today and tomorrow and bang out a some sort of compromise on the delegates…

  • Hillary’s Math Problem

    Chelsea Clinton and Senator Hillary Clinton. File photo via WireImage By Terry Canaan May 21, 2008 The candidate stood in front of a backdrop of smiling supporters, as candidates always do. One supporter waved a…

  • The Facts: Clinton comes up short

    The Facts: Clinton comes up short

    From Barack Obama Campaign Manager David Plouffe (excerpted) April 23, 2008 Last night, Senator Clinton used up her last, best chance to cut appreciably into Barack Obama’s elected delegate lead. She came up short. In…