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  • A (not so) Dream Vacation in La Belle

    America has become La Belle in many aspects. Take the food system, for example. Rather than fresh food being delivered from farms to consumers, we have created this complex web of middlemen and industry practices that insist upon genetically modifying the food, spraying billions of pounds of dangerous pesticides, herbicides and fungicides, radiating our food, adding preservatives, flavors, dyes, fake fat, fake salt, fake sugar, and any of the other tens of thousands of unregulated chemicals that can be used freely.

  • Study examines viabilityof converting food scraps into energy

    Study examines viability
    of converting food scraps into energy

    By Caitilin McAdoo April 30, 2008 If California converted its annual 5.9 million tons of food waste into biogas, it could produce enough energy to supply nearly 75 percent of Bay Area homes with electricity…