Overheard in Fog City:
City Hall Norouz event postponed over flap

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Published on March 18, 2008 with 40 Comments

The third annual Norouz event, scheduled for Friday, March 21 has been postponed one week
due to a flap between event organizer, Turquoise Bridges, and Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi.
Photos by Luke Thomas

By Luke Thomas

March 18, 2008

Hold on to your Chelow Kebabs, folks – this year’s City Hall Norouz (Iranian New Year) event has been postponed one week due to a flap between Norouz event organizer Turquoise Bridges and Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi.

Mirkarimi, who is the first Iranian-American to hold elected office in San Francisco and was instrumental in launching the first officially celebrated Norouz event at City Hall in 2006, was not invited to be a guest speaker at this year’s event.

In other words, Mirkarimi, who has become the patron saint of all things Persian and a beacon for the Iranian diaspora, has been snubbed.

“The board is very interested in bringing unity to the community,” Turquoise Bridges founder Nazly Mohaje told Fog City. “They don’t want any hint of division in the community.”

“We’re not a political organization, we’re a peace organization,” Mohaje added.

That division, we’re told, was created as a result of political differences between Mayor Gavin Newsom and Mirkarimi. Newsom, according to Mohaje, is “extremely popular with the Persian community. They don’t like the animosity between Mirkarimi and Newsom.”

Mohaje also did not appreciate the ever-judicious Mirkarimi highlighting Turquoise Bridges’ non-sanctioned use of the City’s Seal in their 2006 and 2007 invitation literature authorized by the mayor’s office.

Turquoise Bridges founder Nazly Mohaje (right) , Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi (center)
and Mayor Gavin Newsom (left) at the first official celebration of Norouz
in San Francisco City Hall, 2006.

Unrelated to the snub, Mirkarimi announced he will host a Norouz celebration of his own at his City Hall office at the same time Turquoise Bridges scheduled their event in City Hall’s rotunda on March 21, and that’s when the Turquoise Bridges board decided to postpone their event one week to March 28.

“I am thrilled to see as many Persian Norouz events now being celebrated throughout the United States,” Mirkarimi told Fog City. “However, I am concerned that some of these events are becoming more exclusive and more political which is why I decided to hold a more modest and free Norouz event in my office on March 21.”

Luke Thomas

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City Hall Norouz event postponed over flap
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  1. Dear H brown,

    As a happy camper, I was amused to read your comment. While I am certain that Ross’s brother is war hero, and deserves much respect and adulation, I was wondering what that has to do with the Norouz event? Are you his press officer? Most of the Chatter above seems to be concerning whether or not he was trying to sabotage the existing Norouz celebration.
    Many people have talked about his monthly art show as being hosted rain or shine every month for three years (and the party goes on whether or not if he is there) – absolutely false! Last year, on the third Friday of the month (Guess what?) there was a Norouz event at City Hall in which Ross was a speaker and lo and behold – NO ART SHOW! But you said….
    What a surprise for such a stand up guy who only has art shows for the people. He certainly wasn’t letting his bruised ego get in the way. Of course he is only noble and wants free food for all! After all his brother is a war hero. Who can argue or dare i say question that?

  2. Dear Karen,

    You are right, it is pathetic. Mr Mirkarimi decided to sabotage the event (which he WAS invited to) but not asked to speak.

    And he being the anointed patron saint (no less) of all things Persian according to this publication, decided he will stop this event and to hell with the community.

  3. This is pathetic. I have just read these posts for the first time and attanded City Hall on Friday thinking there would be an event for which I Had to pay $200 at the door. My husband opted not to come for that reason, but as a bi-coastal resident I thought I’d like to go.

    What I saw instead was a beautiful event for FREE with Persian Music, refreshments, and art which I greatly appreciated.

    If these allegations are true, then the organizers of the paid event who cancelled (With out notifying me for one) should be ashamed of themeselves for not one but 2 reasons:

    –That they would cancel any event for any reason that close to the date
    –That they would not include any and all Iranians who work at City Hall for whatever reason.

    FYI, I am 65, and have always voted Repulblican so there is no love loss for Ross’s politics. (Many of you will know this if you read my Washingtom post blog). But If Mr. Mirkarimi wasn’t invited, that is the real slap in the face by any standards. Iranian or otherwise I would imagine.

  4. Campers,

    I ran with Ross for D-5 supe and I’ve hammered him in many columns and he still talks to me. And, Jeremy is a liar. I’ve known Ross since 1999 and he most certainly has always expressed pride in BOTH of his parents and their heritage. Did you know that his brother has done a couple of tours in Iraq as a Major in the Special Forces?

    Point is, Gonzalez was a good friend of mine too and he founded these monthly art parties and all of the 22 candidates running to succeed Gonzo all promised that they would continue the monthly gatherings. Which are free!! I’ve been going to these things for going on 8 years and they’ve never had a damned thing to do with the Mayor.

    Mirk’s kept his pledge with the our Candidates’ Collaborative and the people of his district.. No one has to pay $500 to shake the hand of the D-5 supe. In other districts, that ain’t so.


  5. oh enough of that! like many people -i belive he is both
    most of us unless we come from another planet perhaps, two parents – two cultures -big deal – enough!

  6. Mohammad, I have known Ross for many years now. I would just like to add that up until about 4 years ago he used to tell everyone that he was Russian. I guess he is practicing what his buddies keep saying.. follow the money, follow the money.

  7. well ..dare i say happy new year!?and good for Ross for acknowlegdement of inclusiveness and be willing to share part of his heritage and traditions and support
    of artist with everyone regardless of ability to pay – thats a great way to start the year!

  8. If ignorance is bliss, there are many happy people writing on this blog. Follow the money? Profit? Obviously a bunch of political hacks who know nothing about the real word that tax payers like me live in are having a field day.
    The event planner for the Norouz event, is a 501 (c) 3 organization. (That implies a high standard of accountability that is accepted by the IRS). Therefore, there is no profit. Fund raising maybe, but no profit. If they are trying to raise money in order to continue with their activities – so be it. If you agree with their mission & values, support it, if you do not , then don’t support it. As Jane says: “Clear and simple”. Actively trying to destroy someone else’s event speaks a lot more about the character of the destroyer (Ross) rather than the destroyed.

    Frankly, all of the other noise surrounding this “controversy” is rather amusing. I love to see these dumb idiots on both sides at each others throats. Keep fighting Please! 🙂

  9. Follow the inflated ego, people.. Mirkarimi was not asked to speak.

  10. ..Follow the money people. Follow the money. I have read all the comments. And here is the way I see it: The Mayor could not attend the scheduled event on March 21st.. The event was centered around the Mayor. So, to make money Torqoise Bridges reschedules the event. They need an excuse. There comes Ross’ monthly Art Show. They blames it on Ross.
    Clear and simple.

  11. I am an Iranian man inspired by Ross Mirkarimi. Guys; Remember, this rescheduling of the event, has nothing to do with Ross: The Mayor canceled on the event so it was resheduled to accommodate him.
    I have attended both Torqoise Bridges’ events thanks for Ross’ kind invitation so I could attend free. I despise these lies blaming Ross. He is helping young men like me finding a voice!

  12. If Torqoise Bridges was worried about conflict with other events Iranians hold, it should have not had it on a Third Friday of the month when the Supervisor has his Monthly Art Show. This is called respect for your fellow Iranian Supervisor whose office is in City Hall and that is where he has been holding the shows. As a young Iranian American man, I look up to him and am grateful for his opening City Hall to us every month.

  13. Yes, I had heard from other sources that the Mayor could not attend the Norooz event on March 21st and that is why it was rescheduled.
    Torqoise Bridges’ Nazy Mohajer has not been fortcoming and this is wrong. I will take my tickets back and will never attend any event this organization sponsors. SHE should APOLOGIZE to the community for lying about the reason.

  14. Is it legal to charge money to meet privately with the Mayor in City Hall? Mayor for sale???

  15. ….I feel decieved! All along I thought something else must be cooking. The reason she is giving in the story is so stupid: Any event holder, who is not sold out (and I assume hers was not otherwise she would not give a hoot about a free event next door), should love the foot traffic around the event.
    I kept thiking: if she was worried that the free loaders would barge on her event (the reason she has given to people ) she could man the door throughout the event and charge them the $ 200 she said on the invitation ( $ 175 from website, $ 200 at the door, $ 500 private reception with the Mayor)!

  16. Torqoise Bridges people were worried about conflict of their event with a free monthly scheduled event and reschduled it on the same date Persian Center is having its annual Noruz event? Oh, I get it : The Mayor COULD attend on that day so the hell with the Persian Center event where a lot of us are going!

  17. To the Iranian American:..Oh, my god! So this was the reason all along and she has been misrepresenting the facts. The Mayor cancelled on her!!
    Thank you for clarifying it. Ticket holders (such as myself) are outraged at her disrespect for the community. I did not care about seeing the mayor (and did not pay the $ 500).
    I am angry. Will demand my money back and ask every body not to attend the rescheduled date and return their tickets for deciving all of us.

  18. Fogcity journal has to update the story based on the following concise facts. I want people to think about these before writing silly comments:
    1. Supervisor Mirkarimi has had his art parties every Third Friday of the month for the past three years. There are people who count on these and love going to these monthly events.
    2. The Mayor had canceled on Ms. Mohajer due to his trip to Southern California. (No one mentions this very important and the real-reason fact)
    3. She is charging poeple $ 500 for a private reception with the Mayor.(written on the invitation).
    4. She has also said on her web site that the mayor hosts the event.
    5. Thus, she reschedules the event because the host had canceled (she cannot hold on to the $ 500 tickets if there is no Mayor), then manipulates everyone into believing that Mirkarimi’s monthly party is the reason!

  19. I agree with the woman above..the public is smarter than that.

    Mirkarimi’s decision to host an event at the same time was not noble at all, but selfish.

    Support your community, your Persian sisters Supervisor!

  20. Exactly what is divisive about having a free event? Nothing, that’s what. Even if both events wound up on the same night, people could easily attend both. The free event has the added benefit of allowing those not able to pay big bucks to participate in the celebration. People are clearly attacking Ross for their own political agenda, just as I wrote in the second comment to this thread. Newsom is just mad because he can’t find one of his own minions brave enough to run against Ross, so he is using other means to try and knock Ross down. Pretty pathetic.

  21. Sue, If that is the case, then why did Ross send out an email which starts the following text:
    “Please come to the first annual Nowruz Deed-o Bazdeed with Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi at his office in San Francisco City Hall. Deed-o Bazdeed means to exchange visits with friends and family signifying the first 12 days of the Persian New Year celebration. On Friday March 21st, we will serve Chai (tea) and Shirini (Persian Sweet) while visiting each other in the customary tradition of Nowruz. ”
    Doesn’t sound like an artist party to me. More like a divisive attempt to split the community as much as possible by having the same party in the same building, celebrating the same event, on the same night and at the same time! Please, do not try to deceive others into believing that this party had nothing to do with usurping the pre-existing Nowrouz City Hall event, and that it was all about art. The public is smarter than that, and this will ultimately backfire.

  22. Yes, he would have. The party goes on whether or not he is there.

  23. Sue, I have a question, if Ross was invited to speak at the event, would he have hosted his artist party on the same day? I think you know the answer.

  24. To Amin: Ross is NOT sabotaging Norouz. He has held art parties in his office on the third Friday of every month on a pretty regular basis. Having participated in one particular art party, I know that the artists need to get lined up months in advance.

    You may perceive the art party being held in his office this Friday as sabotage — but I guarantee you that it is not. Ross has been very good, throughout his tenure in office, at promoting Persian art and the art of the people in his district. Of course he would make sure, months ahead of time, to have scheduled an Iranian artist right around the time of the Persian New Year.

  25. Lets look at the facts: MirKarimi advertised a free event for Nowrouz in the same building at the same time as the 3rd annual Turquoise Bridges event. I wonder if that had anything to do with trying to create confusion and bad will amongst the disappointed people who would show up expecting one thing and getting turned away. He was counting on making a huge scene and trying his best to divide the community for his own personal agenda.

  26. Can someone help me with this: If Ms. Mohajer had sold enough tickets and everything was ready to go, why cancel the event? There could be thousands other FREE parties out there. If she had the audience why not go ahead with it? I smell something here!!

  27. Last I heard, Ms. Nazy’s event was short $ 50,000 as of last weekend. At $ 175 a pop, she needed to sell 283 tickets in 5 days! Then comes the excuse: Mirkarimi’s art show. Yep! Blame it on him. Shame on you woman who divide the community for your own profits!

  28. Some one please help me with the this: Why was the event rescheduled? If Ms. Mohajer has sold enough tickets to recover her costs, why blame it on someone else having another party the same night? There are three other Nowruz events that night!

  29. It is interesting to read comments like “this event should be free and open to everyone” Hmmm

    How many people does the enlightened commenter think should be invited and attend? 500, 1000, or maybe 10,000? Who pays for the cost? I am certain that they would not volunteer. Who is going to pay the dancers, the musicians, the caterer, etc.? Obviously these are comments posted by people who think that a free lunch actually does exist!

    As someone who attended the event last year (I missed the first one), it certainly made me proud to be a resident of this great city and to see such a delightful exhibit of culture and beauty. I for one will be buying my ticket and attending the event next week. It would be a sad day to let the petty tantrums of a wannabe succeed in stopping such a wonderful event.

  30. Poor little Ross, He didn’t get his binky when he went to bed.

    “I am not speaking, so I am going to sabotage everything!” “waaa, waaa, waaa””.

    Shame on you Mirkarimi. It is not all about you. The community may actually be more important.

  31. First of all Mirkarimi is not the founder of this annual Norouz event! Turquoise Bridges has held this event for the past 3 years- I know because I have been to both ceremonies. Ross with the help of his minions, I believe, is trying to destroy this holy ceremony by creating a division within the community.

    Rather than embracing Turquoise Bridges annual event at City Hall he is sabotaging the event by holding a party of his own at the same location and the same time…this is very childish and pathetic! Mirkarimi is Persian-Russian not Persian-American, so I guess that explains his lack of patriotism.

    I have met and spoke to Nazly at both Norouz events prior to this years delay and it amazed me how a REAL Persian-American WOMEN can put such on a great show for the community. She expressed how people of the Iranian community including Ross tried to discredit her for all her hard work. It has been an ongoing struggle for Nazly. Her against the world it seemed like when I spoke to her about purchasing tickets for this years event not too long ago. Whether its free or $200, the people should understand that what Turquoise Bridges stands for is the community at large and not benefiting any individual entity.

    Its a shame that Ross is so egotistical, I think that he would have been a good fit within Turquoise Bridges…apparently he likes to play hard ball.

  32. This has nothing to do with the price — Mirkarimi is is making a big fuss because he wasn’t asked to speak.

    City Hall events have always divided the classes. The low income folks come for events in the mornings.. they put on shows..and wealthy people are seated for dinner events in the evening.. they are entertained.

    I like Supervisor Mirkarimi, and I voted for him, but I really think that people are disillusioned by politicians and celebrities..like they can do no wrong. Mirkarimi is acting like a spoiled child..and I think the money issue is simply a red herring for his inflated and bruised ego.

  33. $175 per person is outragious. The Black & White Ball charges these numbers. New Year at City Hall
    should be a community event (FREE TO ALL)

  34. As an Iranian American, I am deeply disappointed in the folks at Turquiose Bridges, who are always right in the middle of all these petty disagreements. At some point we have to ask what this Nazy woman is doing to incite so much hate.

    How embarrasing to postpone Norouz.! Anyway the prices are way too steep for what you get, and it always seems like more self promotion than the unity of the community. Ross has the right idea by making a free event.

  35. I, for one, see Supervisor Mirkarimi’s presence at this event symbolic, if not unmindfully pressured by social functions, because he is the first Iranian-American to be elected to office in the San Francisco. That aspect, along with being one of the founders of this annual event, makes it almost a given that he would be nothing but the keynote speaker. So, for the organizers to hold Gavin Newsom at a higher stature of importance? It is incredulous.

  36. much appreciation should be given to
    asha Safie, Mayor Newsom and Supervisor
    Mirkarimi for starting the New Years celebration
    at city Hall 2006. A great tribute to our community.
    Its a sham that the persian community would
    exclude any one of these founding architects
    of this great annual event. Shame on any one
    who is participating in not including these fine
    gentlemen. This commmunity should unit, not devide
    dispite there differances for the annual NEW YEARS event.
    Excluding is a form of discrimination which we should
    not be part of. We should make every effort
    to include “all”. we should not “exclude” any.
    This community can only grow by unity.

  37. How petty. Mirkarimi — ” who has become the patron saint of all things Persian and a beacon..” was not asked to speak.. get over it, Supervisor. You’re not the center of the universe, and honestly, I don’t don’t know why people have been putting you on a pedestal.

  38. Mayor Newsom and Supervisor Mirkirimi should
    be included in the event. It is at City Hall. Any
    party/person which excludes either of the two elected
    officials should be excluded himself/herself. These
    functions are for the community at large, not to
    furthur someone’s personal agenda or career.
    Rich or poor, all should be invited to celebrate
    New Year’s at City Hall. What happened to the
    Mayor’s staff person by the name of Safai? This
    guy should be bringing the Mayor, Supervisor, and
    community together. If he can’t do this, he has no
    change as supervisor. Was he fired by Newsom?

  39. Wow. Mayor Newsom and his minions are really going after Mirkarimi. More judicious and measured than Daly, Mirkarimi is much harder to use as a punching bag. So they are employing these subtle tricks to bring him down. Sneaky and transparently shameful!
    I bet Newsom will speak at the event on March 28, along with the rest of the hack parade. Mirkarimi’s event on March 21 is sure to be much more fun.

  40. This is very interesting. As an Iranian-American, a tax payer and San Francisco resident, I have never been invited to the last Nouroz events in city hall. Turquoise Bridges founder Nazly Mohaje invites only rich Iranian-Americans. If you look at the list of their guests, they are all wealthy Iranian-Americans. Newsom and Mohajer celebrate Norouz for wealthy people, not for middleclass tax payers. This event is in the city hall building, the public building which is supposed to belong to all citizens. In the time of event they block the main entrance and won’t let you in and they roll their eyes and say “you are not invited.”

    This is a shame for the City of San Francisco and its residents.