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A mayoral debate co-sponsored by the San Francisco African-American Democratic Club and the Fillmore Neighborhood Association was held last eve in the Fillmore. Absent from the proceedings included interim Mayor Ed Lee, City Attorney Dennis Herrera, Board of Supervisors President David Chiu and Assessor-Recorder Phil Ting. Photos by Luke Thomas.

By h. “Bulldog” Brown

August 19, 2011

(Pier notes Mayor pub-crawling in Haight).

In a couple of short weeks we’ve gone from, ‘Run, Ed, Run’ to ‘Leave Ed Alone’ to ‘Where’s ED?!?’

Yeah, and he wasn’t alone in missing last night’s mayoral candidates’ forum in the Western Addition at the Fillmore Center sponsored by the local D-5 Democratic Club and two African-American activist groups.

Dennis Herrera wasn’t there either and Bevan Dufty was really bummed by that. He was all set to tear into Dennis for slandering good black folks such as himself.

What, you didn’t know that Bevan Dufty is black? Me either, but I swear I’m gonna barf if I hear the “Billie Holiday was my godmother and I grew up in a black neighborhood just like you” speech. He damned near holds up his thumb and forefinger and frames a tiny space and says, “I’m this close to being black.”

It’s pandering in the worst kind of way from a nice guy who has made kissing patooie into an art form. He was set to tear into Herrera for calling new DPW head, Mohammed Nuru, essentially a crooked thug who took vans full of leg-breakers from one Newsom/Gonzalez event after another in the 2003 mayoral contest, and took over sidewalks and intimidated people and then went away to tear down some Gonazalez signs … hey, Nuru did all of that and it’s documented but he did it all for Gavin.  You getting the picture? No? Then the point is that Bevan drawing attention to the fact that Nuru is black is racist in itself. Nuru is a thug, no matter what color he is. And, he’s a lackey of Willie Brown (like Bevan) no matter what color he is. Leave the man’s color out of it, honest black people don’t benefit from the association.

Former Supervisor Bevan Dufty.

So anyway, now we understand why Dennis Herrera skipped the event. He knew that wannabe-rapper Dufty, and some actual really tough black activists, would be in the audience screaming for his head for daring to tell the truth about another of Willie’s bracelet charms. So, he went to a Democratic Club meeting in Supervisor John Avalos’ district to avoid the heat.

Charlie Walker, who calls himself the ‘Mayor of Hunters Point’ and holds a big birthday party for his mentor Willie Brown (why’s that name keep coming up?) … Charlie did time in prison for defrauding the City’s Minority Hiring laws by providing a fake black front for white men who wanted to get City contracts reserved for minorities.

And, here Charlie is (hoping I’m the only one in the audience with the institutional memory to recall his past) … here’s Charlie screaming that he’s outraged, outraged I tell you … that no one is giving him any City contracts so that he can hire bunches of drivers who all, “Look just like me!”

Charlie Walker interupted the debate to lodge a complaint.

Naturally, that’s bullshit, but I have to admit that for an 81-year-old guy, he still scares the scat out of me. And, he’s good looking. Bevan and I want to look just like him when we’re 81.

And so Charlie, he does his time and comes back to town and wants to get some more contracts from the City cause he’s a minority owner of a truck company, but Art Agnos is Mayor and the guy responsible for passing on whether or not you’re really a minority-owned company is a new guy named Ed Lee who won’t pass on this crap. But, Ed changed big time, real quick.

You see, Willie Brown got elected Mayor and he pretty much told Lee that it was Willie’s way or the highway, and Ed bent over and gave Charlie’s white benefactors from a false front called Crystal Trucking a million or so in City contracts, and there were no black owned trucks, and there were no black drivers – and here comes the FBI!

Yeah, Ed Lee got hauled in front of a Federal Grand Jury along with a raft of others in the mess and were it not for the grace of Billie Holiday’s good God and a few friends in high places, Ed Lee and Willie Brown and Charlie Walker would have been looking to accessorize Giants’ orange jump suits for a few years.

So, we know why the Examiner blogged that Ed Lee was drinking in the Haight instead of facing questions like, “Mr. Mayor, isn’t it true that Mr. Walker here who is calling for you to hand him more minority contracts did time in prison for taking away jobs from black people and that you, yourself, at the behest of Willie Brown, gave him more such contracts and that you and he were investigated by the FBI? What a cesspool and Ed Lee swims around in it smiling with Bevan Dufty.

Back to Herrera, who took away the right to vote from some 33,000 mostly black Bay View people when they tried to have a voice in a Dianne Feinstein-sponsored Lennar project.

I was lucky enough to have Hope Johnson sit next to me during the debate and since she’s become Chair of the Sunshine Ordinance Task Force they’ve gotten really sassy. Had a case upheld by the Ethics Commission for the first time (against head of Library Commission who treats the public like unwanted roaches at meetings).

Hope says today’s posted agenda for next Tuesday’s Sunshine Ordinance Task Force meeting will include a proposal by her that the Task Force use its powers of investigation (much like a civil grand jury – yes, they have that power but have never used it) … she wants to investigate the number one obstacle to open government in San Francisco and absolutely anyone in the know realizes this – it’s Dennis Herrera!

Yeah, Herrera assigns attorneys to departments and commissions and instead of charging them with the task of giving information to the public in general and the Sunshine Task Force in particular, Herrera instructs his attorneys in the best way to avoid their legal responsibility to open their books.

See what happens when you don’t come to school, Dennis and Ed? The other kids in the schoolyard will gossip about you. And, it can get pretty ugly and it did.

Note: Credit to Michela Alioto-Pier by the way for breaking the news of the whereabouts of Mayor Lee, absent from the debate. She took her closing statement to inform us that the Chron’s C.W. Nevius had just tweeted her that Ed had commented at a bar in the Haight that he wasn’t at the black forum in the Fillmore because, “Pub crawling is more fun than debating.”

Well, I’d imagine it is.

Former Supervisor Michela Alioto-Pier announced Mayor Lee is on a pub crawl in the Haight.

Not a lot else to tell. Newbie and my odds-on favorite now to be our next Mayor, Public Defender Jeff Adachi, got a great reception and had the biggest round of cheers of the evening with his impassioned calls and promises of employing every young black who wanted a job and to work to make certain that Summer School comes back to San Francisco.

San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi.

Terry Baum who gets as many free passes to these events as I get Giants tickets was terrific. Love her campaign slogan … “Tax the rich? Well, Duhhh!”

Green Party candidate for mayor, Terry Baum.

John Avalos was excellent as usual and he and Adachi had kind words to say about one another which, as I’ve mentioned many times before, bodes well for Progressives.

Supervisor John Avalos and Public Defender Jeff Adachi.

Tony Hall stood apart with his calls for fairness in the distribution of the City’s billions and the rights of parents to send their children to schools in their own neighborhoods.

Former Supervisor Tony Hall.

That’s enuff. Gotta go brief a man about a situation.

Giants will rise again!

More Photos

Mayoral ccandidates from left to right: Former Supervisor Michela Alioto-Pier, Senator Leland Yee, Venture Capitalist Joanna Rees, former Supervisor Tony Hall, former Supervisor Bevan Dufty, Terry Baum, Supervisor John Avalos and Public Defender Jeff Adachi.

As many as 200 residents attended the mayoral debate held at The Fillmore Center.

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