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h. brown
Photo by Luke Thomas

By h. brown

Wonder how Board President Aaron Peskin feels about the Mayor’s trip to Israel? Ask him by texting us live during the h. brown hour tonight from 7 til 8 pm at

San Francisco Board of Supervisors President Aaron Peskin
Photo by Luke Thomas

The show’s off to a great start. Last evening, top Democrat Debra Walker talked with us about how bad buildings are made. Then she talked to us about how good buildings are made.

Then she talked about the Arts Task Force and the future of art in San Francisco and stuff like that. Mostly I listened as hard as I could and interrupted her with irrelevant questions. Viewership was up 500 percent and participants posed questions that sometimes made even this old sailor blush. It was our best show to date by far.

See you tonight.

Today’s Board agendas

This afternoon’s meeting of Land Use was canceled cause, cause? Probably because Peskin is on both committees and the blood will probably still be mixing with the sand on the floor when Land Use is scheduled to begin.

That’s because there’s lots of money and controversy on the agenda for this morning’s Government Audit and Oversight’s agenda. Here’s the way I shake them out.

Government Audit and Oversight (10 am)

Chair: Aaron Peskin
Vice Chair: Tom Ammiano
Member: Sophie Maxwell

Items # 1 and 2 – Transferring 1.5 billion in Airport Bond moolah

This is from a mandate already passed by the voters. On their authority the bonds have been sold and the money will move into the enterprise agency’s Capital Projects accounts. What the hell are they building out there that costs 1.5 billion, and what’s their debt ceiling looking like?

Gonna bump our financial heads if air travel slows down?

I don’t trust any of the enterprise agencies. Did you see the pieces the Weekly’s Matt Smith did on them over the past several year’s? Hell, they got some wild-hair manifest destiny and tried to take over airports all over the world. Hope this turns into a real discussion as to just how many tentacles the agency now has and what they’re building.

I mean, I know that they know, but I don’t, and you probably don’t either.

Item # 3 – $3 million bucks for Treasure Island Development Authority to give to the SF Transit Authority to pay for consultants to tell them how to get 10 pounds of crap into a one pound bag.

Been to Treasure Island? They want to spend $3 million just to study how to improve the island’s ramps to handle the traffic the new development on the island will bring in.

Folks, the Navy had one hell of a lot more people on that island than the Lennar/Newsom project will bring. They moved people with buses and one bus equaled 60 cars and still does. Or, you could get on the train that ran on the bottom deck of the Bay Bridge.

Can’t wait to see what they come up with.

Items # 7 thru 11 – The continued poisoning of Bayview/Hunters Point

That’s the way I see it. Spending at least $300 million to build a fossil fuel power plant in the poorest neighborhood in town. Well, like where else would you build it?

This one is a basket of snakes. It has the area Supe, Sophie Maxwell (an African-American), buying a bill of goods that will keep the air polluted in the Bayview for the next 50 years or so. On the other hand, you have Supe Michela Alioto-Pier trying to have the project delayed while the feasibility of producing the power the State recommends the City have available.

That’s the bitch here, that ‘recommends’ thing. The authority pretending to have the authority to require that we poison our population does not have the authority to require it. That would be the California Independent Systems Operator and they are stooges for the power industry.

Unless PUC Commissioner Dick Sklar shows up, the top guns on the respective sides in the battle will be the ever personable Barbara Hale representing the PUC (?) and Josh Arce of Brightline Defense Project representing clean air.

I have one thing to say about this. I watched commissioner Sklar testity once (before Full Board on matter of his renomination) that he thought we weren’t required to build the things because the ISO didn’t have the authority to make us and if we did build them that we should build them out of town along the Hetch-Hetchy right of way where we could just plug them into our lines running through there from the damn to the City. He also said that one way to increase our power supply greatly would be to double the size of the damn at Hetch-Hetchy ’cause you could also toss in a few more resevoirs along the stretch and be ready for absolutely certain drought and increased fossil-fuel costs.

That’s it. Meeting’s started.

Mary Mallen for Superior Court Judge

Joe Nation for State Senate D-3

Debra Walker for DCCC

Harold Brown

h. brown is a 62 year-old keeper of, an eclectic site featuring a half dozen City Hall denizens. h is a former sailor, firefighter, teacher, nightclub owner, and a hard-living satirical muckraker. His other FCJ articles can be found here. here.

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