D5 Candidates Johnson, Resignato Announce People’s Bill of Rights

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Published on October 30, 2012 with 5 Comments

Candidates Andrew Resignato and Hope Johnson today announced a People’s Bill of Rights for the residents of District 5. Photo by Clayton Mitchell.

From the campaigns to elect Hope Johnson and Andrew Resignato to District 5 Supervisor.

October 30, 2012

People’s Ticket Candidates Outline Values for Reform in District 5

Committees to Elect Johnson & Resignato – District 5 supervisorial candidates Hope Johnson and Andrew “Ellard” Resignato today released a Bill of Rights for the People of District 5. The Bill outlines underlying economic and social rights the District 5 community can expect both candidates to stand for at City Hall.

“Hope and I formed The People’s Ticket to highlight issues that need commitment from our next elected supervisor to steer San Francisco public policy back to benefiting the people over the next four years,” said Resignato.

“The big money campaigns in District 5 are hiring highly-paid political consultants to manufacture fear tactics and smear campaigns in an effort to win the seat, but Andrew and I want to remind voters these are the principles our grassroots campaigns stand for and will continue to address,” explained Johnson.

The People of District 5 have:

– The right to decent, affordable housing in every neighborhood.

– The right to a good job with a livable wage.

– The right to a public transportation system that is reliable, affordable, clean, and safe.

– The right to safe streets with law enforcement resources allocated to neighborhoods facing an increase in violent and property crimes rather than pooling resources to protect corporations.

– The right to clean streets and practices that protect the environment.

– The right to start and own a small business in a supportive atmosphere free from unfair competition and excessive city fees.

– The right to trust their elected supervisor to represent the best interests of the people and not compromise good public policy for the interests of wealthy real estate developers, career politicians, powerful unions, and political power brokers.

– The right to active participation in an open, transparent government and all its processes to ensure protection of these rights.

“These rights form the core of why we both are running for Supervisor. Incidents of violent and property crimes have risen in District 5 without law enforcement response on the street while Twitter receives a taxpayer subsidized police sub-station,” Johnson said. “The people of District 5 deserve an elected leader who will fight to correct these economic injustices.”

“Candidates have not been respectful of District 5’s green values and are not hearing the wishes of residents and merchants to keep streets clear of political litter,” said Resignato. “My campaign challenged other candidates early on to stop using political door hangers that inevitably end up creating garbage in the streets and alienate people from the political process.”

Resignato and Johnson first formed The People’s Ticket after being excluded from an USF forum along with two other candidates for lack of large campaign funding. The District 5 People’s Bill of Rights now follows in response to the continued funding of District 5 campaigns by moneyed interests. The media and special interest groups want voters to believe the race has come down to the two candidates who have raised the most money, London Breed and Mayor Ed Lee appointee Christina Olague. The People’s Ticket and D5 Bill of Rights reminds voters the moneyed interests funding these campaigns will expect payback for their donations. Voters have better choices in the District 5 race for supervisor.

“We’ve teamed up to have our supporters vote for me and Andrew as their 1st and 2nd choices in any order to compete with the campaigns that have taken hundreds of thousands of dollars of money from downtown interests,” said Johnson.

“At the end of the day I believe democracy is supposed to mitigate the role money plays in who gets power in our society. Hope and I believe the people of District 5 believe that too,” said Resignato.

To learn more about Hope Johnson please visit www.hopejohnsonforsupervisor.com, and to learn more about Andrew “Ellard” Resignato please visit www.resignatoford5.com.


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  1. None of the other candidates would disagree with any of this. In fact Mitt Romney would probably sign on to this laundry list of bromides. Why not dissent on an important San Francisco issue? The Central Subway, dense development/Smart Growth, the UC project on lower Haight, the Market and Octavia project, anti-carism and the Bicycle Plan, soaking folks who have to drive in SF via parking meters in the neighborhoods? Or, even better, why not critique the Fell/Oak bike lane plan that will eliminate scarce neighborhood parking spaces, and the Masonic Ave. bike lane project that will eliminate 167 parking spaces?

    •  Mr Anderson: I have been very vocal about my opposition to the Central Subway from the beginning of that project, as well as many aspects of the other projects.  Your attempt to  intentionally misrepresent me as the same as everyone else is getting old.

  2. Way to go Hope!! 🙂
    Congrats to both of you!!

  3. It ain’t over ’till this cuddly curmudgen quits.
    Which side are you on.
    We be what we swallow.
    Giants are history and yesterday’s news.
    Waiting for 49ers SuperBowl Parade

  4. As politics should be,these two are knowledgeable and well respected folks. i have listened to both Andrew and Hope at the recent debates both communicate well.