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  • San Franciscans Protest of Sit/Lie Ordinance

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    San Franciscans Protest of Sit/Lie Ordinance

    More than an one thousand San Franciscans responded to a proposed “Sit/Lie” ordinance Saturday, staging creative protests on the sidewalks in neighborhoods across the city. As part of “SIDEWALKS ARE FOR PEOPLE”, participants held nearly 100 planned and spontaneous events, doing their favorite activities on the city’s sidewalks in protest to a proposed ordinance that would make it a criminal offense to sit on any sidewalk in San Francisco.

  • The McCain-Lieberman Police State Act

    Now, the March 4 S. 3081: Enemy Belligerent, Interrogation, Detention, and Prosecution Act of 2010 to interrogate and detain “enemy belligerents who commit hostile acts against the United States to establish certain limitations on the prosecution of such belligerents, and for other purposes.”

  • Kicking 17,474 San Francisco City Workers to the Curb

    Kicking 17,474 San Francisco City Workers to the Curb

    San Francisco is not exempt from the financial challenges affecting the entire nation. However, the new blame game directed at unionized city workers is unprecedented. San Francisco has a proud labor history and the current attacks are inconsistent with our past and detrimental to our future working relationship with the city.

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    Sidewalks Are For People

    This Saturday, people all over San Francisco will be doing what they love on the city’s sidewalks and they will be inviting family, friends, and neighbors to join them. Dozens of events are already planned and the list is growing daily. Join an event or plan your own! What can you do for SIDEWALKS ARE FOR PEOPLE? Anything! Play music, barbecue, yoga, lemonade stand, read, relax, art, talk, sunbathe, knit, play chess, meditate, tai chi, eat, dance, paint, write, sing, DJ, play drums, sit — Anything!

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    Kucinich Capitulation: The Death of American Populism

    Single payer healthcare stalwart Rep. Dennis Kucinich says he flipped his support for President Obama’s healthcare legislation to save his presidency. Photo by Luke Thomas By Stephen Lendman March 20, 2010 Ideologically it believes governments…

  • San Francisco, Municipalities, Sue to Strike
    Prop 16 from June Ballot

    Dubiously self-entitled the “Taxpayers Right to Vote Act” by its proponents, despite having no bearing on taxation or government spending, the California Attorney General recently re-entitled the measure, “New Two-Thirds Vote Requirement for Local Public Electricity Providers.” The proposed amendment would impose a new super-majority vote threshold before public entities in California would be allowed to pursue virtually any energy services programs intended to benefit ratepayers or the environment.

  • Six San Francisco Women Honored on International Women’s Day

    In celebration of International Women’s Day, Global Arts and Education (GAE) honored six outstanding San Francisco women Monday, March 8, at the Civic Center Holiday Inn.