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William Chadwick is a young English writer who has recently moved to San Francisco from London. He has worked on-and-off in journalism for almost ten years. He is passionate about the theater, and has directed and written several plays. He is currently trying his hand at teaching English.

  • Spike in San Francisco Pedestrian Fatalities Sparks City Response

    A special joint meeting of the Board of Supervisors and the Police Commission was held Thursday at City Hall to address an alarming spike in pedestrian and cyclist fatalities in San Francisco.

  • Save The Rave: Electronic Dance Music Community
    Speaks Out

    Public comment afforded many people, young and old, the chance to say how important EDM, rave culture and its values were to them. They spoke of acceptance, hope, and celebration of life. One young woman pleaded, “This is like my family. If you take this away from me, I don’t know where else to go.”

  • Federal Judge Rules Ban on Same-Sex Marriage Unconstitutional

    Today was an important day in the history of the nation, in the pages of democracy, and in the long battle for recognition by gay and lesbian couples.

  • Board Notes

    Board Notes

    Turning to the other flashpoint of the day, Supervisor Sean Elsbernd, acting in accordance with the mayor’s wishes, attempted to pull a rabbit out of his hat with a parliamentary trick in a transparent effort to upend efforts by progressives to place a foot patrol ballot measure, sponsored by District 5 Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi, on the November ballot.

  • Board Notes

    This is currently a hot topic

    Board Notes

    As has been customary for Mayor Gavin Newsom, he failed to attend the meeting, flouting the will of the electorate which passed a 2006 advisory measure requiring the mayor to held accountable for his policies.

  • Solar Project Fails to Deliver on Green Jobs Hiring Agreement

    This is currently a hot topic

    Solar Project Fails to Deliver
    on Green Jobs Hiring Agreement

    When San Francisco’s Sunset Reservoir solar project is completed later this year it will be one of the largest solar installations of its kind in the country. The project, a 5-megawatt sea of 25,000 solar panels in San Francisco’s Sunset District, was approved in June after a revised commitment from the developer, Recurrent Energy, to hire no less than 21 workers from San Francisco’s most economically disadvantaged communities; 30 percent of the project’s workforce.

  • William and the Disappearing Magic Muni Bus

    The 48 Quintara is a repeat offender in this field. I quickly gave up waiting for it when I used to live on 24th Street. And the former 26 bus that used to (supposedly) run along Valencia was also a bit of a mystery. In all my attempts at waiting for and hoping to ride the 26 bus, I only ever caught one glimpse of it.