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  • Event: Digital Security Tools for Working Journalists

    Paying attention to digital security is no longer an option. Every reporter should know how to protect their digital communications and guard the information on their computers, to make sure nothing inadvertently falls into the wrong hands.

  • May Day protest, International Workers Day, San Francisco

    Bay Area May Day Protest Action Marred by Pockets of Non-Occupy Violence

    But May Day was also one in which thousands attended mostly peaceful, non-violent protests in support of immigrants, workers and others who comprise the 99 percent of Americans who feel they are at the mercy of an unregulated capitalist system run amok by unfettered greed and political corruption, a system that benefits the few over the expense of the many.

  • OccupySF to “Liberate” Vacant Building

    This is currently a hot topic

    OccupySF to “Liberate” Vacant Building

    The building location will not be disclosed, organizers say, until OccupySF marchers arrive at the secret location following a 4 pm rally at Union Square. Only a few organizers are aware of the building location, an organizer told Fog City Journal, and stressed the direct action will be non-violent and will not result in property damage.

  • Guild Program to Examine Issues Raised by “The Josh Wolf Story”

    Guild Program to Examine Issues
    Raised by “The Josh Wolf Story”

    Wolf spent 226 days, mostly in solitary confinement, at the federal detention center in Dublin between August 2006 and April 2007 for refusing to surrender raw video footage and give testimony to a federal grand jury regarding violent incidents at an anarchists’ rally in July 2005.

  • Avalos Calls for Suspension of Foreclosures in San Francisco

    Avalos Calls for Suspension of Foreclosures
    in San Francisco

    Supervisor Avalos will introduce the resolution at the Board of Supervisors meeting at 2pm. The resolution expresses support for the California Homeowner Bill of Rights which are 5 legislative measures introduced at the California State Legislature and designed to provide basic standards of fairness and transparency in mortgage processing, community tools to prevent blight, tenant protections, enhanced law enforcement to defend homeowner rights, and a special grand jury to investigate foreclosure crime.

  • Unions Escalating CWA’s Contract Fight with Verizon

    Unions Escalating CWA’s Contract Fight with Verizon

    Along with the CWA-Verizon campaign, the protest will also raise voices against corporate flim-flam punishing members of the Service Employees at Wells Fargo and the Westfield Mall. The Westfield shopping center located at Fifth and Market — near the Powell Street BART station — will be the first opportunity to get loud. Marchers then plan to drop by the Verizon store at 768 Market Street, between Fourth and Third streets, before finishing the action at Wells Fargo at Montgomery Street.

  • Occupy Oakland to Host
    Saturday Neighborhood Barbeques

    Four barbecues are scheduled through mid-April, with the March 17 event from noon to 5 p.m. at Arroyo Viejo Park, 7701 Krause St. in East Oakland near Bancroft and 77th streets. All will include free food, arts and crafts, music, a children’s play area, literature and workshops.