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  • Protesters rally outside St. Mary's Cathedral in San Francisco against the Catholic Church's crackdown on nuns and women's reproduction rights.

    Women’s Rights Activists, Atheists, Protest Pope Crackdown on Nuns

    The LCWR is under investigation by the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith, the Vatican agency charged with overseeing orthodoxy, which Benedict – then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger – led for more than 20 years, for its endorsement support of President Obama’s health care reforms including a mandate that provides insurance coverage for birth control.

  • workplace islamaphobia

    Islamophobia in the Workplace

    I was surprised then to learn that although Muslims make up only two percent of the U.S. workforce, they filed nearly 25 percent of religious-discrimination claims in 2009. According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), during the past fiscal year, it received a record high of 100,000 charges of discrimination, a slight increase over fiscal year 2010.

  • Gender Inequality Looms Large on International Women’s Day

    Gender Inequality Looms Large
    on International Women’s Day

    Steinunn Guðjónsdóttir was the event’s keynote speaker. Ms. Guðjónsdóttir is Project Manager of Shelter for Trafficked Women and Women Exiting Prostitution, in Iceland. She is in the US as part of an international visitor leadership program organized by the State Department, and researching domestic- and gender-based violence. She stated, “Violence against women is a symptom of gender inequality. We must address this.”

  • Occupy DC: A Warm Place for Protest
    in the Heart of Wintertime Washington

    Except for a single taser incident, protesters interviewed Friday by Fog City Journal couldn’t recall any clashes with the authorities. One Dallas protester brought some Texas twang to the scene, located in McPherson Square, a park a few blocks from the White House. Volunteers run a small library. On Friday there was a free dinner of donated stew and raspberry cheesecake. A couple of denizens smoked dope in a pipe fashioned from a whole red apple.

  • Michael Goldstein Remembered

    Michael Goldstein Remembered

    Eileen Hanson, mistress of ceremonies, painted a sensitive and authentic picture of a “complicated person,” who could be “sweet,” but also “really bitchy.” According to Hanson, Michael loved gossip and the “blood sport that is San Francisco politics.”

  • Run on the Banks: No More Foreclosures,
    Evictions for Profit

    This Saturday the 14th, evicted tenants and foreclosed homeowners will tell their stories of the impact that bank’s greedy actions have had on them. Banks will be put on notice: You Will Be Held Accountable! Actions will culminate in a January 20th shutdown of San Francisco’s Financial District.

  • Trust But Verify

    Shortly before she died, the results came back. To no one’s surprise, they showed that her tumor was resistant to the chemo she was given, and was resistant to the next round of chemo her doctor recommended but my sister refused. To make matters unspeakably worse, there were some chemo combinations that would have proven effective, but with days left to live, the results were moot.