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  • Stay Tuned: The Antisocial Network

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    Stay Tuned: The Antisocial Network

    Twitter’s response to the generous tax break offer was an ungrateful complaint that the payroll tax still includes a 1.5 percent tax on stock options, even though San Francisco has never enforced that tax. Plus, Twitter is complaining about a tax impossible for it to owe for six years under the proposal since Twitter’s taxes would freeze at current levels which do not include tax on stock.

  • What Is Modern Day Progressivism?

    Progressives for the most part still believe that electing a candidate is an intellectual exercise that requires nothing more than a reasonable, intelligent argument. Watching progressives compete in the political marketplace is like watching our local high school basketball team compete against the Los Angeles Lakers.

  • Revolution Handbook for Americans

    n many ways the uniquely American form of dictatorship is far more sinister, indiscernible and powerful than classic dictatorships where one recognized person, military junta or family rules ruthlessly.

  • Is Qaddafi’s Libya Next?

    Demonstrations led to the downfall of President Hosni Mubarak in Egypt and President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali in Tunisia. There are protests in Bahrain, Yemen, Algeria and new demonstrations in Iran. Repressive regimes around the world must be very nervous. Is Colonel Muammar Qaddafi’s Libya next?

  • Mubarak’s 30-Year Hard-Line Dictatorship

    Throughout decades of brutal rule, Mubarak remained a steadfast US ally. As a result, Washington rewarded him generously. US administrations also ignored his crimes, corruption, and lawlessness, as late January released WikiLeaks cables reveal, showing Obama knew he kept power through ruthless state terror.

  • Egyptians Ready, Americans Unready

    Of course, the dictatorship in Egypt is far different than what the vast majority of Americans face. Despite liberty and freedom, our tyranny exists within an electoral, constitutional republic. But with a two-party plutocracy thoroughly corrupted by corporate and wealthy interests most Americans are victims of a dysfunctional, inefficient and unfair democracy. How ironic that in the nation with monumental gun ownership among its citizens there is no hint of people giving up on meaningless elections and taking to the streets in massive numbers to protest their corrupt government.

  • Wiener’s Preservation of Developer Profits Disrespects Neighbors and Neighborhoods

    This is currently a hot topic

    Wiener’s Preservation of Developer Profits Disrespects Neighbors and Neighborhoods

    When Supervisor Scott Weiner claims that HP inhibits the production of affordable housing, Weiner is carrying water for the $66,000 minimum that was spent by speculative real estate interests to elect him. It is not the one unit of affordable housing that concerns these operators, rather the eight units of luxury condominiums that generate the profit that catches their attention.