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  • Not Dead Yet

    Not Dead Yet

    District 6 Supervisor Chris Daly Photo by Luke Thomas By Chris Daly February 23, 2008 A quick read of this morning’s Chronicle might lead you to believe that the Bayview Affordable Housing Initiative is dead…

  • The CrackBerry Chronicles

    The CrackBerry Chronicles

    Elaine Santore Photos by Luke Thomas By Elaine Santore February 22, 2008 Daly salutes Bayview Affordable Housing Initiative volunteers Supervisor Chris Daly hosted a thank-you reception at Temple Bar Thursday for all the volunteers who…

  • Overheard in Fog City

    Overheard in Fog City

    Luke Thomas FCJ Publisher and Editor Photo by Marc Salomon By Luke Thomas February 5, 2008 Daly, Bayview activists, submit affordable housing petition Affordable housing champion Supervisor Chris Daly is joined by activists at City…