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  • Caption Action: Election Hangover Edition

    Caption Action: Election Hangover Edition

    The A Team: David Owen, Some Dude from Ross’ office, Marc Salomon, Elaine Santore, Supervisor Chris Daly, Jonathan Wright, Board President Aaron Peskin, and District 9 supervisor candidate Eric Quesada, celebrate election night at El…

  • The CrackBerry Chronicles:An Endorsement for Non-Endorsements

    The CrackBerry Chronicles:
    An Endorsement for Non-Endorsements

    Elaine Santore Photos by Luke Thomas By Elaine Santore June 2, 2008 Campaign Mailers Kill Trees and Your Spirit Good news: tomorrow you can finally toss out all of those annoying, somewhat misleading and totally…

  • Tenants Rally Against Prop 98

    Tenants Rally Against Prop 98

    Hundreds of San Francisco residents rallied on the steps of San Francisco City Hall Wednesday to oppose Proposition 98. Photos by John Han By Michael Steinberg and John Han May 22, 2008 Hundreds of renters,…

  • No on Prop 98

    No on Prop 98

    By Tommi Avicolli Mecca April 17, 2008 By now you know that Prop 98 is on the ballot on June 3. It will wipe out all rent control in California. It will probably destroy all…