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  • San Francisco Botanical Garden: What was once a publicly-owned jewel in Golden Gate Park, has been privatized.  Photo: Harry S. Pariser.

    How the Wealthy Stole 55 Acres of Golden Gate Park

    Visiting the San Francisco Botanical Garden at Strybing Arboretum is not what it used to be. Locals used to enter as late as seven in the evening or later behind the Hall of Flowers. While never well-maintained or administered, it afforded a rustic charm, a lovely wabi and sabi respite from the commercialism of the Avenues.

  • Norman Yee is the presumed victor in the race for District 7 Supervisor. File photo by Luke Thomas.

    Yee Declares Victory in D7 Race

    In a contest that may go down as one of the closest in San Francisco political history, School Board President Norman Yee today declared victory in the race for District 7 Supervisor.

  • RCVBallotSample

    This is currently a hot topic

    Update on Ranked Choice Voting in San Francisco

    I am happy to report that we were able to beat back the attacks on Ranked Choice Voting in both San Francisco and Oakland. These were very serious and well-coordinated attacks by conservative forces.

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    Matt Haney Declares Candidacy for School Board

    Haney, a progressive, said he is running because, “Education is the most important and critical institution in our society – and it’s under attack right now.”

  • Olague Explains her Support for RCV Repeal Measure

    Olague has long ties to the progressive community and was appointed by Mayor Ed Lee to the District 5 seat, one of the city’s most progressive, in January after Ross Mirkarimi was elected Sheriff. This week, she joined Sean Elsbernd, Carmen Chu, Scott Wiener, and Malia Cohen – all considered moderate/conservative supervisors – in supporting Sup. Mark Farrell’s proposal to replace RCV with runoff elections for the mayor’s race and other citywide offices.

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    This is currently a hot topic

    RCV is Electing Winners with Stronger Mandates than December Runoffs

    The ultimate irony is that Sean Elsbernd himself is the poster child for what’s wrong with the old December runoffs and what’s right with RCV. Look at the results above for District 7: Supervisor Elsbernd won in 2004 in an “instant” runoff race with nearly 50% more votes than his predecessor Tony Hall had in 2000 in a delayed December runoff, 13,834 votes versus 9333 (in comparable turnout years). And Elsbernd had 43.7% of the “whole contest” vote total compared to 30.9% for Hall. No matter how you want to count it, more District 7 voters were able to have a say in who their supervisor is because Sup. Elsbernd was elected with ranked choice voting in a much higher turnout November election.

  • The CrackBerry Chronicles: Welcome Back

    Elaine Santore Photos by Luke Thomas By Elaine Santore August 14, 2008 It’s never too early to become a hasbeen If JoJo can be a hasbeen at 17, then I guess now is the perfect…

  • Supes Torpedo Newsom Sunshine Veto

    Legislation authored by Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi intended to expand City Hall sunshine and transparency survived yesterday when the San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted 8-3 to override a veto issued by Mayor Gavin Newsom. Photos…

  • 4 Vie for 2 Seats on City Sunshine Panel
    Progressives Rally Around Doug Comstock

    Sunshine Task Force Chair Doug Comstock Photo by Luke Thomas By Gino Rembetes May 12, 2008 The Board of Supervisors Rules Committee could decide this Thursday which of four applicants they will recommend for two…

  • Supes Extend Permit Deadlinefor Medical Marijuana Dispensary Compliance

    Supes Extend Permit Deadline
    for Medical Marijuana Dispensary Compliance

    By Ari Burack May 6, 2008 San Francisco supervisors today voted to extend the permitting process for some of the city’s medical marijuana dispensaries, many of whose permit applications are still being processed by various…

  • The CrackBerry Chronicles:
    Puttin’ on the Ritz, Irish style!

    Former Mayor Willie Brown and Elaine Santore at the 32nd annual Residential Builders Association dinner held Saturday at the swanky Ritz-Carlton. Photos by Luke Thomas By Elaine Santore April 29, 2008 Fog City Journal attends…

  • Suppressing the voice of the people

    Nicholas Olczak Photo by Luke Thomas By Nicholas Olczak March 24, 2008 This has not been a good week for freedom of speech in America. During the Supervisors Budget and Finance meeting Wednesday, Supervisor Chris…

  • This is currently a hot topic

    Supervisors Chu and Elsbernd
    support Chinese government oppression

    Supervisors Carmen Chu and Sean Elsbernd yesterday derailed a resolution authored by Supervisor Chris Daly that condemns the Chinese government’s willful acts of oppression against the people of Tibet. Photos by Luke Thomas By h.…

  • Mayor “running roughshod” over Board of Supervisors

    By Nicholas Olczak March 20, 2008 Supervisor Chris Daly accused the Mayor’s Office of failing to involve the Board of Supervisors in policy issues, speaking during a tense Budget and Finance Committee meeting yesterday. Debating…