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  • Tears and Smiles – Mothers Day at the SF County Jail

    At the women’s county jail on Mother’s Day, San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi announced the department’s doula program for pregnant inmates, a humanitarian program which aims to improve family-based services for inmates, formerly incarcerated men and women, and their families.

  • Marketing 101 for Activists

    If you have ever been to Bourbon Street in New Orleans, there is one thing that you would have noticed for sure. No, I am not talking about the babes and the beads. I am referring to a bunch of guys holding signs like “Repent” and “Trust Jesus, He Hates Sin.” Millions of drunk guys and gals have walked by these sincere advocates, but how many people do you think instantly dropped their shots and accepted Jesus into their hearts?

  • Climate Change Ushers In Early California Fire Season

    California’s wildfire season began early this year as nearly a dozen fires fueled by record high temperatures and extremely low water levels broke out across the state during the first week of May.

  • Groups Allege California Prison Policies Amount to State-Sanctioned Torture

    Earlier this month during Oakland’s monthly First Fridays/Art Murmur event, a candlelit vigil was held by a couple dozen protesters – many wearing T-shirts with the message “Stop Torture CA” – to bring attention to California state prison solitary confinement policies which they say amounts to state-sanctioned torture.

  • Syria and Chemical Weapons of Mass Destruction

    Evidence of alleged sarin gas use has supposedly come from human tissue samples. A few dozen Syrians are said to have been killed. If true, did Assad forces or the opposition forces use these chemical weapons and why was only a small amount of sarin used?

  • ‘Dead Man Walking’ Author to Speak in SF

    Author and anti-death penalty activist Sister Helen Prejean, whose bond with a condemned man inspired the Oscar winning film Dead Man Walking, will speak in San Francisco May 9 in a free, community event presented by the San Francisco Public Defender’s office.

  • California Community Battles Climate Change to Save Water-Starved Habitat

    For the residents of Whitethorn, a California community nestled among the coastal redwoods 200 miles north of San Francisco, the impacts of climate change have been a reality for over a decade.