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    SF Police Patrol Organization
    Expresses Commitment to Work with New Board

    San Francisco Patrol Special Police are the only private neighborhood safety service in the city that is legally permitted to patrol San Francisco’s streets as well as private locations under the city’s Municipal Police Code Sec. 1750 and is on police radio frequencies.

  • Candidate for District 6 Supervisor James Keys and Supervisor Chris Daly. File photo by Luke Thomas.

    Keys Co-Endorses in D6

    Asked whether discussions between Keys and the Kim and Walker campaigns has resulted in Kim or Walker committing to a ranked choice endorsement, Keys said Walker told Keys she “is not interested in making deals with multiple candidates,” but is willing to talk to Keys.

  • D6 Ranked Choice Endorsement Strategy in Flux

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    D6 Ranked Choice Endorsement Strategy in Flux

    It should come as no surprise then to know that Keys is currently reaching out to both Kim and Walker to secure a three-candidate ranked choice endorsement strategy that includes Keys and excludes Meko.

  • Overheard in Fog City: Chiu/Peskin Rift Rumor Persists

    Overheard in Fog City:
    Chiu/Peskin Rift Rumor Persists

    With a just three weeks before absentee ballots are sent to voters, word has it School Board President Jane Kim will officially announce this week her 2nd and 3rd place endorsements in the race for District 6 Supervisor.

  • DCCC Ranks Three Candidates for D10 Endorsement

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    DCCC Ranks Three Candidates for D10 Endorsement

    Wisdom apparently prevailed over politics last eve when the San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee (DCCC) utilized the inherent mechanisms of ranked choice voting and endorsed three candidates in the race for District 10 Supervisor.

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    Daly: “Free Drinks for First Ten Commenters”

    Daly, who terms out of office in January, confirmed to NBC Bay Area today he intends to open a bar and grill in San Francisco, affirming an earlier rumor floated by the San Francisco Chronicle. He has narrowed his search to Buck Tavern, an eatery and drinking establishment located on Market Street, a short walking distance from his residence and City Hall.

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    Gonzalez, Dennis, Paul Address Nation’s Ills
    During Non-Partisan Rally in San Francisco

    By Luke Thomas September 5, 2010 Former Board of Supervisors President Matt Gonzalez, 8th Congressional District candidate John Dennis (GOP) and Congressman Ron Paul (GOP), drew as many as 1500 to an anti-war, anti-Washington and…

  • San Francisco County Sheriff Michael Hennessey. Photo by Luke Thomas.

    ICE Confirms S-Comm is a Voluntary Program

    S-Comm is a program that automatically shares with ICE any fingerprints taken by local law enforcement right after any individuals are arrested, no matter how minimal the charge or whether the individual is eventually found to be innocent of alleged charges, thereby resulting in increased deportations and the tearing apart of families. In the past six months, ICE has tripled the number of jurisdictions operating S-Comm, and it is now in 494 jurisdictions in 27 states.

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    Overheard in Fog City:
    DCCC to Reconsider D6 Endorsement?

    In its last endorsement meeting, the majority of progressive members aligned with Walker on the DCCC voted against endorsing a second and third candidate in the D6 race in large part because Walker fears a second place endorsement of School Board President Jane Kim will increase the probability that Kim will win the seat. Instead, the DCCC anointed Walker as the Democratic Party’s sole choice for the seat.

  • Newsom Swears In Brinkman to SFMTA Board

    The former Board of Directors President for Livable City, a non-profit that promotes mass-transit and bicycle/walking-friendly neighborhoods, was appointed by Newsom to the seven-member Board because she is qualified and capable, Newsom said.

  • Alioto-Pier Issues Statement

    “I will continue to work hard for the residents of my district and the people of San Francisco for the remainder of my time in office.”

  • District 2 Supervisor Michela Alioto-Pier, with her husband Tom Pier by her side, filed papers with SF Department of Elections today indicating her intent to run for re-election. Photo by Luke Thomas.

    Supreme Court Rejects Alioto-Pier Petition For Stay

    In rejecting the appeal, the high court has effectively affirmed the legal opinion of City Attorney Dennis Herrera’s office, which advised Alioto-Pier in February 2008 that she was ineligible to seek another term on the board in 2010 under the City Charter’s term limits provisions.

  • Mendoza Kicks Off Re-Election Campaign for School Board

    First elected to the Board in 2006, Mendoza decided to run for re-election in large part because of the accomplishments the current Board has achieved, not least of which is a spirit of cooperation between Board members to achieve results, a stark contrast to previous Board compositions plagued by infighting.

  • Court Approves Amended Pension/Healthcare Reform Measure for Ballot

    Court Approves Amended Pension/Healthcare Reform Measure for Ballot

    San Francisco Superior Court Judge Harold Kahn today approved Proposition B for the November ballot but stripped a “poison pill” provision from the measure, a provision Kahn ruled unconstitutional.

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    Herrera Announces Run for Mayor

    Herrera joins Supervisor Bevan Dufty as the only two prominent pols to have officially declared candidacies for the open seat in 2011. Should he win, Herrera will be in a position to appoint a replacement to the Office of City Attorney.

  • Challenge to San Francisco Foot Patrol Measure Fails

    Challenge to San Francisco Foot Patrol Measure Fails

    Department of Elections Director John Arntz yesterday responded to Sutton law firm attorney Kevin Heneghan saying, “The version of Proposition M filed with the Department of Elections is identical to the version attached to the Board of Supervisors agenda for its July, 27, 2010 meeting. Therefore, the measure was not amended and I will not be taking any action in response to your letter.”

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    The Israeli Lobby: Declassified Documents
    Expose its Influence

    Demanded is that Israel be portrayed as peaceful, never aggressive, surrounded, beleaguered, and victimized, acting solely in self-defense. In contrast, Palestinians are called militant terrorist threats to Israeli security, its propaganda machine relentless in pounding that message, the Senate’s investigation failing to expose and halt it.