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  • The Civic Center Residence located at 44 McAllister in the Tenderloin celebrated its grand reopening Thursday following a $30 million makeover.  Photos by Luke Thomas.

    Civic Center Residence Celebrates Grand Re-Opening

    The Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation’s (TNDC) upgrade to the Civic Center Residence, located at 44 McAllister, included the construction of additional units of low-income housing, a seismic retrofit, plumbing and electrical overhauls, two new elevators, new shower rooms on each of the eight floors, and upgraded common room facilities including three community kitchens.

  • Herrera Moves to Sue CPUC, Feds Over San Bruno Tragedy

    Herrera Moves to Sue CPUC, Feds Over San Bruno Tragedy

    “In the aftermath of the San Bruno tragedy, it has become increasingly obvious that blame must be shared by regulators who were either asleep at the switch or too cozy with the industry they’re supposed to regulate,” said Herrera. “The potential threat to human life and safety demands the strictest enforcement of federal pipeline standards. Yet while PG&E was flouting federal law, regulators did little to hold the company accountable. Congress enacted the Pipeline Safety Act to allow for legal actions like the one I am initiating to protect public safety, and I am confident a federal court order will help accomplish that. The potential risks to San Franciscans and others from further gas pipeline failures can no longer be ignored.”

  • BART Protest Delays Evening Commute

    BART Protest Delays Evening Commute

    Chanting “Cops, Pigs, Murderers,” “No justice, no peace, disband the BART police,” the demonstrators were able to prevent an eastbound train from leaving the Civic Center station for 15 minutes forcing BART managers to halt services in both directions.

  • xxx. Photo by Luke Thomas

    Fair Shelter Initiative Hearing On July 14

    Care Not Cash or Proposition N was passed by voters in 2002 and was promoted as a means to increase mental health, substance abuse treatment and housing in exchange for County Assistance Program (CAAP, previously known as GA) benefits. Under current law, the $422 allotted monthly to homeless people enrolled in CAAP is reduced to $59; the rest is redistributed to city-funded shelter services through a fund managed by the Human Services Agency.

  • Mayor Lee Rejects Adachi Overture for Pension Reform Compromise

    This is currently a hot topic

    Mayor Lee Rejects Adachi Overture
    for Pension Reform Compromise

    Both Adachi and the Mayor are sponsoring competing pension reform proposals that are expected to go before voters in November in an effort to correct a structural imbalance between pension costs and city revenues, an imbalance which has forced the city to cut services and layoff city workers year after year to make up for spiraling pension costs.

  • Miyamoto Kicks Off Campaign for Sheriff

    Miyamoto Kicks Off Campaign for Sheriff

    The fifteen-year Sheriff’s Department veteran, native San Franciscan and father of five (including triplets), was joined by his family and friends, Supervisor Sean Elsbernd, former State Senator Quentin Kopp, former Supervisor Bevan Dufty, former Department of Emergency Management Director Vicki Hennessy, the White Crane Lion Dancers – and as many as 200 placard-wielding supporters under an unusually sodden June sky.

  • Rose Pak Interviewed on SF Mayor’s Race

    Rose Pak Interviewed on SF Mayor’s Race

    RP: “I think what is so bad, the left movement has been dominated by Chris Daly and Aaron Peskin and we’re all lefties but we’re not their kind of lefties. They are bent on destruction against everything. Their type of left progressiveness is over I think.”

  • FCJ Interview with Mayoral Candidate Tony Hall

    FCJ Interview with Mayoral Candidate Tony Hall

    My contract as director was not renewed when I refused to sign the sweetheart contracts for the development of Treasure Island that were being illegally pushed by Gavin Newsom to placate his political donors. It was a sad day for San Francisco because it thwarted the only realistic plan for the future of Treasure Island that I had been working on with the Navy. What they are doing there right now is a travesty. There are at least a billion dollars in pre-development costs that will never be financed in this environment by any bank. They want to build skyscrapers on landfills on a seismic fault. They want to plant organic gardens on toxic soil. To put people’s lives in such danger, and mislead the public is so wrong. But anyway, I have made my case over and over, and the decision-making process regarding Treasure Island appears to be closed as the current Board of Supervisors and the interim mayor are all for it.

  • As many as five people were shot including an elderly man during a gang related shooting at Jones and Market streets. Photos by Robert Livingstone.

    Multiple Victims in TL “Gang Related” Shooting

    Police and emergency crews were called to the scene at approximately 6:14 pm. The suspected gang members fled the scene in all directions following the shooting. As many as 7 shots were fired, according to witnesses. Several bullet casings were observed at the scene.

  • Tourk Confirms Saturday Voting Dead

    Tourk Confirms Saturday Voting Dead

    Tourk needed to raise $2.4 million from private donors by July 7 to fund the cost of adding Saturday, November 5, 2011 as an alternate day for voters to cast their ballots. As of Friday, the Saturday voting fund had a zero balance.

  • A voting initiative sponsored by GroundFloor Public Affairs founder Alex Tourk appears to have failed for a luck of funding. Image courtesy

    Saturday Voting Initiative Dead? Herrera Downplays Connection to Consultant and Contributor

    The WhyTuesdaySF initiative was the brainchild of political consultant Alex Tourk, who successfully tapped private venture capital from Silicon Valley angel investor Ronald C. Conway, tech maven David Jeske, Morgan Stanley partner Robert Lesko and other wealthy interests (some of whom, like Lesko, were from out of state) to fund the campaign to place Proposition I on the November 2010 ballot. Despite being drowned out by the hubbub of pension reform and hotly contested supervisorial races, voters overwhelmingly approved the WhyTuesdaySF initiative by almost 20 percentage points.

  • Overheard in Fog City: Campos to Vote Against His Conscience?

    Overheard in Fog City: Campos to Vote Against His Conscience?

    Apparently the progressive supe is uncomfortable with his support for Turman, according to a reliable source, but remains committed to Turman despite damaging reports of Turman’s record absenteeism on the Human Rights Commission.

  • Fallen San Francisco Firefighters Memorialized, Laid to Rest

    Fallen San Francisco Firefighters Memorialized,
    Laid to Rest

    San Francisco firefighter Lt. Vincent Perez, 48, and firefighter-paramedic Anthony Valerio, 53, both from Engine Company 26, were fatally injured June 2 while battling a house blaze in Diamond Heights.

  • Sunday Streets Updates Bayview Route this Sunday

    Sunday Streets Updates Bayview Route this Sunday

    For the second year in a row, The Third Street Corridor Project, the Bayview Merchant Association and the Renaissance Entrepreneur Center will host the Bayview Music Festival in conjunction with Sunday Streets. This festival, which will feature live music, arts and local merchant exhibits and two cook-off contests, will take place on Galvez Avenue off 3rd Street near the Bayview Plaza.

  • Overheard in Fog City: Will Adachi Run?

    Overheard in Fog City: Will Adachi Run?

    That potential candidate is Public Defender Jeff Adachi who is singularly responsible for making this year’s mayor’s race a referendum on pension reform, the Care Not Cash, if you like, of 2003 that helped to elect then Supervisor Gavin Newsom over former Board of Supervisors President Matt Gonzalez to Room 200.