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    Judge Denies Motion to Disqualify City Attorney in Mirkarimi Suspension Case

    Mirkarimi’s defense counsel, Shepard Kopp and David Waggoner, argued in a brief filed April 11 that the City charter requires the City Attorney to defend the City and County of San Francisco; that no Charter provision exists for the City Attorney to defend a specific office within the city. If that were the case, then the City Attorney would also be obligated to defend the Office of Sheriff as well.

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    Workers to Protest Pacifica Radio Over Union Busting

    Pacifica Foundation hired Jackson Lewis in 2010, but that is the only point of agreement between the five-station, listener-supported broadcasting network and its KPFA workers group.

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    Olague Kicks Off Campaign for Supervisor

    In attendance included Mayor Ed Lee, Senator Mark Leno, Supervisor David Campos, former Board of Supervisors President Matt Gonzalez, as well as labor leaders including Mike Casey of Unite HERE Locate 2 and Larry Griffith of IFPTE Local 21 and the San Francisco Labor Council.

  • San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera.  File photo by Luke Thomas.

    City Attorney Authorizes Outside Counsel in Mirkarimi Suspension Case

    Due to a conflict of interest raised by Mirkarimi’s defense team, filed Wednesday in San Francisco Superior Court, attorney Scott Emblidge of Moscone, Emblidge and Sater LLP, has been assigned to represent both the Ethics Commission and Board of Supervisors.

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    Matt Haney Declares Candidacy for School Board

    Haney, a progressive, said he is running because, “Education is the most important and critical institution in our society – and it’s under attack right now.”

  • Mirkarimi Defense Files Motion to Disqualify City Attorney

    Mirkarimi Defense Files Motion to Disqualify City Attorney

    It is the latest motion to be filed by Mirkarimi in his quest for justice. A previous motion, filed March 27, seeks to reinstate the former District 5 supervisor as the lawfully elected Sheriff of San Francisco. That hearing has been scheduled for April 20.

  • Student Support Growing for CSU Faculty Strike Action

    Student Support Growing for CSU Faculty Strike Action

    The California Faculty Association, the union that represents 24,000 CSU employees – including coaches, counselors, librarians and faculty – will vote April 16 through 27 to approve or reject a series of two-day rolling strikes in May.

  • Pelosi Honored by Labor; Decries Supreme Court as “Last Precinct”

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    Pelosi Honored by Labor; Decries Supreme Court as “Last Precinct”

    Republicans led by presumptive presidential nominee Mitt Romney are accusing the Democrats of waging a class war, destroying the economy’s job-creating potential by strangling corporations and small business in burdensome regulation and taxes.

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    Panel: Journalists At Risk Without U.S. Shield Law

    Wolf spent 226 days at the federal detention center in Dublin between August 2006 and April 2007 – an experience he describes as “more boring than brutal” — for refusing to surrender raw video footage and give testimony to a federal grand jury about a Mission District demonstration in July 2005.

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    System Failure: “Technology Mayor” Ed Lee’s City “Stuck in 1999”

    But there’s a problem for Lee and his image as an innovative tech mayor, one that he inherited from former Mayor Gavin Newsom – the city’s antiquated information technology systems.

  • Catholic Church Authorizes Police Eviction of OccupySF

    Catholic Church Authorizes Police Eviction of OccupySF

    The arrests on trespassing and other misdemeanor charges at the two-story building at 888 Turk Street went smoothly according San Francisco police, with demonstrators calling it police repression. As the sun set, about 100 OccupySF demonstrators marched from Civic Center to the Hall of Justice, chanting against police, bringing food and collecting information for legal help as their comrades were released. A few dozen officers in riot gear behind metal barricades watched before demonstrators dissipated.

  • OccupySF successfully occupied a vacant building located at 888 Turk Street yesterday on April Fool's Day. Photos by Luke Thomas.

    OccupySF Occupies Vacant Building
    Owned by Catholic Church

    As San Francisco police looked on, as many as two-hundred occupiers entered the vacant building – located at 888 Turk Street – owned by the Archdiocese of San Francisco.

  • Chiu Declares Re-Election Bid

    Chiu Declares Re-Election Bid

    Chiu, 42, was elevated to the Board presidency in January 2009 – the first Taiwanese-American to serve in this capacity – due in large part to an unresolved grudge match between former Supervisors Chris Daly and Ross Mirkarimi. He later drew the ire of Daly and progressives when Chiu voted for then-City Administrator Ed Lee, an establishment pick, over former Sheriff Michael Hennessey, an independent, for interim mayor last year.

  • OccupySF to “Liberate” Vacant Building

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    OccupySF to “Liberate” Vacant Building

    The building location will not be disclosed, organizers say, until OccupySF marchers arrive at the secret location following a 4 pm rally at Union Square. Only a few organizers are aware of the building location, an organizer told Fog City Journal, and stressed the direct action will be non-violent and will not result in property damage.

  • CWA Fires Salvo in War Against KPFA Union Busters

    This is currently a hot topic

    CWA Fires Salvo in War Against KPFA Union Busters

    ut it has happened at Pacifica Radio, where management has hired the notorious union-busting attorney Jackson Lewis–and CWA members are mad as hell.

    This is a huge slap in the face to the workers who bring Pacifica’s shows to listeners and to the donors who expect their contributions to support radio programming, not union busting. It’s just the latest attack on the workers who make stations like KPFA in the Bay Area possible.

    CWA-represented workers at Pacifica station KPFA have started a petition calling on Pacifica to drop this declaration of war right now and get rid of Jackson-Lewis. You can click here to stand with Pacifica Radio workers.