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  • OccupySF Prepares for Police Raid
    on Federal Reserve Encampment

    When I first arrived, a pow-wow of participants were engaged in introductions of the many organizations that were represented (Labor Council, ILWU, UHW, Coalition on Homelessness, etc). Individuals were invited to identify as newly visiting or having been with OccupySF for a while. The congenial crowd then did a run-through of linking arms and creating a human chain in anticipation of protecting the tents in front of the Federal Reserve.

  • Student-School Assignment Measure Fails

    Student-School Assignment Measure Fails

    According to final results published today by the San Francisco Department of Elections, Prop H failed to pass by 115 votes. The measure was previously leading with a small margin but failed after all ballots, including provisional ballots, were processed.

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    Nuru Issues Final Notice
    to Federal Reserve Occupy Campers

    Citing health and safety issues, Nuru states, “The occupants of the tents and encampment on Market Street and Main Street, near the Federal Reserve, are hereby notified that they are in violation of City and County of San Francisco codes and must take down all tents and structures and vacate immediately.”

  • Police in riot gear watch as Occupy Wall Street protesters march past City Hall  in New York, Nov. 15, 2011. (Seth Wenig/AP Photo)

    What Next for Occupy Wall Street
    Following Adverse Court Ruling?

    Sometime after OWS occupied Zuccotti Park, Brookfield promulgated rules, prohibiting, among other things, camping and/or the erection of tents or other structures; lying down on the ground, or lying down on benches; the placement of tarps or sleeping bags or other covering on the property; and storage or placement of personal property on the ground, benches, sitting areas or walkways which unreasonably interferes with the use of such areas by others. These rules were clearly aimed at OWS.

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    Secretary of State Dispatches Election Observers
    to San Francisco

    The decision appears to have been made in response to calls for election oversight following multiple reports of alleged ballot tampering in October by an independent group supporting interim mayor Ed Lee. The voter fraud allegations has triggered a preliminary investigation by District Attorney George Gascón.

  • ed_lee_door_hangers

    Adachi Accuses Lee of “Knowingly”
    Breaking Campaign Election Law

    According to an ethics complaint filed today, the Ed Lee campaign distributed two sets of illegal door-hangers over the weekend. The door-hangers, which were paid for by the Ed Lee for Mayor 2011 campaign, allegedly contained YES and NO endorsements for several measures on the November ballot.

    While candidates for office may endorse ballot initiatives and appear on literature funded by ballot measure committees, ethic laws strictly prohibit candidates from using funds raised by their candidate committees to support or oppose ballot measures.

  • Chiu Campaign HQ Ransacked

    In addition to thousands of dollars worth of equipment stolen from the office located at 1800 Van Ness Ave, the thieves refiled through confidential campaign materials.

  • campaign_contributions

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    Moritz, Hume, Hellman, Conway
    Top List of 2011 Individual Campaign Contributors

    Table 1 includes all groups that have conducted independent spending (sometimes called “soft money” or “third party expenditures”) supporting or opposing candidates or measures. Table 2 includes all the committees primarily formed to support or oppose measures on the 2011 ballot.

    Readers may be particularly interested to see which donors repeatedly showed up in the tables, as well as which donors are themselves also independent groups spending directly on election advocacy communications to the voters.

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    Second Money Laundering Charge Sinks Lee Campaign

    It is the second such allegation of money laundering to dog the Lee campaign which is already being investigated by District Attorney George Gascón and the California Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) for alleged money laundering by employees of Go Lorrie’s Airport Shuttle, as well as allegations of criminal vote tampering by Lee supporters.

  • Gonzalez Rips on Lee, Lauds Adachi in “Compare and Decide” Video

    Gonzalez Rips on Lee, Lauds Adachi
    in “Compare and Decide” Video

    Gonzalez works in the public defender’s office as Adachi’s chief attorney. The video, posted on YouTube, was produced independently at no cost, Gonzalez said. It runs 8 minutes, 37 seconds.

  • stop-calls-from-debt-collectors

    Attention Cell Phone Users:
    US Chamber of Commerce, Debt Collectors
    Push Bill to Allow Cell Phone Robo Calls

    A “robo-call” is when you answer your phone and hear a recording. These calls are placed by machines that store hundreds, even thousands, of telephone numbers, and then dial them automatically and play a recorded message.

  • Photo Spread: Avalos Campaign Steps Up Visibility on Halloween

    Starting off at Avalos campaign headquarters on Market Street around 7 pm, the Dodo, laden with high-spirited Avalos supporters and campaign volunteers, hit as many as six, in full-swing parties in the Excelsior, Mission, Lower Haight and Polk Street neighborhoods, handing out League of Young Voters voter guides as well as Avalos campaign literature, and completing the odyssey around 11pm at a fundraiser/Halloween party in Bernal Heights.

  • dscf7672_std

    Yee Campaign Releases Real Ed Lee Exposé

    Produced and published by the campaign to elect Senator Leland Yee to Room 200, the 55-page paperback is intended to erode public support for Lee by serving as a hard-hitting counterpoint to a gushing 132-page unauthorized Lee biography entitled, “The Ed Lee Story: An Unexpected Mayor,” penned and produced by political consultant Enrique Pearce and financed by an independent expenditure committee supporting Lee.

  • Iraq War veteran Scott Olsen lay bloodied while regaining consciousness after being struck by an unknown projectile during a protest  in Oakland on Tuesday.  Photo courtesy.

    Alameda County Sheriff’s Deputy Suspected
    in Lobbing Tear Gas at Protesters
    Rendering Aid to Scott Olsen

    Alameda County is the designated mutual aid coordinator for the Bay Area region and called in reinforcements from San Francisco and Santa Clara counties to assist the Oakland Police Department in controlling a peaceful protest turned restive following the early Tuesday morning dismantling of Occupy Oakland, a tent city erected two weeks ago outside Oakland City Hall.

  • National Writers Urge End to Oakland “Crackdown on Free Speech”

    National Writers Urge End
    to Oakland “Crackdown on Free Speech”

    Dear Mayor Jean Quan:

    The violent crackdown on peaceful, nonviolent “Occupy Oakland” protesters by your city police department is an outrage and a disgrace. As writers, authors, editors, filmmakers and artists from across the country, we believe free speech and assembly are paramount to democracy. We urge you to cease the police crackdowns immediately, and stop trampling on protesters’ First Amendment rights. As Mayor, you are ultimately responsible for the actions of your police department, and by all accounts they have behaved shamefully—attacking, beating, and tear-gassing people who were assembled peaceably in nonviolent protest. Mayor Quan, let free speech and assembly have its day, and its night, and stop your police from these terrible and entirely unnecessary attacks. The country is watching. Let the protesters speak and assemble, and end the attacks—now.

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    Dark Cloud Hangs Over Lee Campaign

    With hundreds of thousands of unregulated special interest dollars on the line, not to mention Lee’s reputation and poll numbers, Lee’s campaign announced Lt. Governor and former Mayor Gavin Newsom would be joining Lee to “make an announcement about Mayor Lee’s campaign” following a walk-thru at a tech startup in SOMA.

    The press turned out in force, not to focus on Newsom’s late endorsement of Lee, but to question Lee about his involvement in the allegations of vote tampering by an independent group of campaign volunteers wearing Ed Lee for Mayor T-shirts in Chinatown on Friday, allegations first reported by the San Francisco Chronicle, the Bay Citizen and the Epoch Times.

    The reports allege Lee supporters working for SF Neighborhood Alliance for Ed Lee for Mayor 2011, the same independent expenditure committee that financed Lee’s unauthorized biography, “The Ed Lee Story: An Unexpected Mayor”, were actively engaging in vote tampering at makeshift polling tents erected in Chinatown on Friday at the intersection of Stockton and Pacific streets.

  • Behind the Protest Signs:
    The Voices of Occupy San Francisco

    The clarion call of “We are the 99 percent” has driven home a blaring message about what protesters argue is a host of inequalities — of wealth, income, education, housing, economic opportunity, political clout, access to decent food and healthcare, and much more. Some protesters want to see corporate economic and political power reined in and others call for capitalism to be reformed, transformed or replaced. Proposals include enforcing existing regulations on corporate finance, breaking up corporate bank chains, creating a city-run municipal bank or expanding off-the-grid barter economies and alternative currencies.