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  • Mic Check

    Mic Check

    We aren’t the folks with the guns. We aren’t criminalizing anyone or taking away their rights. We haven’t put thousands upon thousands of families out of their homes. We don’t evade our responsibility to care for seniors, veterans, disabled and sick people. We’ve never used the vast reaches of mainstream media to fan the flames of fear and hate.

  • Occupy: The Movement We’ve Been Waiting For

    Occupy: The Movement We’ve Been Waiting For

    This movement is larger than a single voice, a single message – or even a single person. It is larger than you or me. The mantra, “We are the 99 percent,” attempts to speak for (almost) everyone. The movement’s largest criticism is that it cannot provide a clear, focused demand. What began as a movement about economic injustice has evolved into a movement of all sorts including police brutality, the right to peaceful assembly, opposition to budget cuts and tuition hikes, labor rights, homelessness, unemployment and even Utopian ideals for a better world.

  • This is currently a hot topic

    RCV is Electing Winners with Stronger Mandates than December Runoffs

    The ultimate irony is that Sean Elsbernd himself is the poster child for what’s wrong with the old December runoffs and what’s right with RCV. Look at the results above for District 7: Supervisor Elsbernd won in 2004 in an “instant” runoff race with nearly 50% more votes than his predecessor Tony Hall had in 2000 in a delayed December runoff, 13,834 votes versus 9333 (in comparable turnout years). And Elsbernd had 43.7% of the “whole contest” vote total compared to 30.9% for Hall. No matter how you want to count it, more District 7 voters were able to have a say in who their supervisor is because Sup. Elsbernd was elected with ranked choice voting in a much higher turnout November election.

  • Thoughts on the Penn State Pedophile Scandal

    By Ralph E. Stone November 13, 2011 I am an indifferent viewer of sports. If another activity such as a movie, a concert, the theater, or a social activity beckons, I choose that activity over…

  • Time for Super Committee to Bite the Bullet

    The special committee must report a bill with its recommendations by November 23, 2011. The recommendations would then have to be voted on by the full House and Senate under special rules. If the joint committee or Congress fail to act by December 23, 2011, the Act calls for automatic across-the-board cuts, split 50-50 between defense and non-defense spending.

  • Healthy Lifestyle Changes – Not Everyone Supports It

    Now how often have we seen both parties agree on anything? Yet Democrats supported it as preventative care and Republicans liked its low cost. It was killed in committee, however, decimated by three powerful interest groups. Who were these lobbyists who wanted no part of incentives for us to gravitate toward a healthier lifestyle, with all the benefits of lowered medical costs and improved vitality?

    They were the American Heart Association, the American Cancer Society and the American Diabetes Association.

  • Occupy the Noosphere, Heading Towards the Omega Point

    This weekend (November 5-6) Occupy and the Sierra Club intend to form a human chain around the White House to protest the tar sands project. I suggest that 4 themes be joined together, one for each side of the White House. One side for the living biosphere with Sierra Club on that side. The opposite side is anti-military weapons and wars. Protesting Global warming on one side and global warring on the opposite side. The third side is for social and economic equalities with many more in the middle than on top. The last side is for the remaining 7 billion humans, the total world population estimated to have reached and passed 7 billion on October 31. Instead of encircling the White House, ensquare the White House.