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  • Drain Hetch Hetchy? Voters Say, No Dam Way

    Voters roundly rejected Proposition F, Tuesday, an initiative on the San Francisco ballot that would have allocated $8 million to study the impacts of dismantling the O’Shaughnessy Dam and draining the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir, a valuable source of hydro-electric power and water for San Francisco and the Bay Area.

  • Caption Action: Election Hangover Edition

    Caption Action: Election Hangover Edition

    The A Team: David Owen, Some Dude from Ross’ office, Marc Salomon, Elaine Santore, Supervisor Chris Daly, Jonathan Wright, Board President Aaron Peskin, and District 9 supervisor candidate Eric Quesada, celebrate election night at El…

  • The CrackBerry Chronicles:An Endorsement for Non-Endorsements

    The CrackBerry Chronicles:
    An Endorsement for Non-Endorsements

    Elaine Santore Photos by Luke Thomas By Elaine Santore June 2, 2008 Campaign Mailers Kill Trees and Your Spirit Good news: tomorrow you can finally toss out all of those annoying, somewhat misleading and totally…

  • Big Labor Sells Out

    Big Labor Sells Out

    ” District 6 Supervisor Chris Daly Photos by Luke Thomas By Chris Daly May 22, 2008 Lennar Deal Stinks Details of a back room deal between Miami-based Lennar Corporation (LEN) and the San Francisco Labor…

  • Say Yes to F!

    Say Yes to F!

    From the Bayview Committee for Affordable Housing May 13, 2008 This Friday, join the bold effort to deliver affordable housing for the Bayview! Balazo Gallery 2183 Mission Street May 16th, 5:30-8pm Despite millions being spent…

  • “F is for Fairness” Launches Internet Advertising Campaign

    “F is for Fairness” Launches Internet
    Advertising Campaign

    From the Proposition F Campaign (Bayview Affordable Housing Initiative) May 1, 2008 Yesterday, F is for Fairness revealed the details of its internet advertising campaign, in an effort to counter Lennar’s marketing blitz. In another…