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  • Muslims Celebrate Eid

    Coming with the new moon, the Eid festival marks the end of ‘Ramadan’ – a month when Muslims fast throughout the day and eat only at night. Prayers, feasts and family gatherings are the major highlights of the celebrations. It was during this month that the holy Koran was revealed. Eid means recurring happiness or festivity. Eid is celebrated with much enthusiasm and fervor and Muslims from all strata of life can be seen adorned in beautiful new clothes, visiting the mosques to attend Salatul Eid (Eid prayers). Greetings of “Eid-Mubarak” or “a blessed Eid” are exchanged.

  • Son of Imprisoned Iranian Dissident Begins 14-Day Hunger Strike in San Francisco

    Son of Imprisoned Iranian Dissident
    Begins 14-Day Hunger Strike in San Francisco

    Poet, musician and political activist, Turaj Zaim, 33, said he is undertaking his fast to help draw international attention to the plight of his father’s imprisonment and the ongoing persecution and human rights abuses inflicted on Iranian citizens who dare to speak out against Iran’s repressive theocratic regime.

  • Joe Lynn Honored

    Joe Lynn Honored

    The celebratory luncheon, held at Taqueria Reina’s, the site of a once thriving weekly political salon, was organized on short notice attracting as many as 50 friends and colleagues eager to pay their respects and provide Lynn with love and support as he enters hospice care.

  • FCJ Interview with CA-10 Candidate Anthony Woods

    FCJ Interview with CA-10 Candidate Anthony Woods

    Openly gay, Woods was discharged from the US military in December 2008 after he challenged the Pentagon’s ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy, an ignominious slap in the face to a man who put his life on the line in service of his country.

  • Iranian You

    Leila Radan By Leila Radan July 22, 2009 I am part Iranian, part Danish. Mention of my Iranian blood stops people in their tracks these days. It used to be something that most outside our…

  • A Tribute to Thomas Berry 1914-2009: Prophet of the Ecozoic Era

    Thomas Berry, 1914-2009 By Steven Chapman June 29, 2009 Earlier this month, on June 1, the Earth became a little bit darker.  Father Thomas Berry, cultural historian, visionary cosmologist, “geologian,” and mentor to many, passed…

  • A Tribute to Tom Kennedy

    A Tribute to Tom Kennedy

    Tom Kennedy, RIP By Patrick Goggin May 4, 20099 This past Easter Sunday, the profound Tom Kennedy and his loving family, friends and fans experienced the shock of his life being tragically cut short at…