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Anniversary of September 11, 2001
In Honor of Deceased Firefighters
and Police Officers

Photo(s) by Luke Thomas

By Pat Murphy

September 12, 2005

The community of San Francisco, in sunlit best polish and brass, yesterday saluted those who defended her and her nation even to death.

Amidst the young and the living, city leadership again gave respect to Firefighters and Police Officers who kept that final pledge on the day the Twin Towers fell.

They did so in the West Side's St. Monica Church, in hope cleaved for a world without end.

Homilist Father John Greene, chaplain to the San Francisco Fire Department, recalled the words of one firefighter who served in the tragedy of the September 11 bombings, and now serves in the desolation of New Orleans.

New York devastation was 16 acres, that firefighter reflected, while New Orleans is 160 miles.

Humankind is capable of rationalizing such despair, the anger toward man and toward God, but will never explain it, Fr. Greene suggested.

Yet God was present, this priest consoled, in the promise of all things made new.

Human incapacity to cope with inexplicable loss -- the anger toward self for not being able to do enough -- points up urgency for all public safety personnel to acknowledge their own humanity, to make time for their own care, implored Gary Delagnes, president of the San Francisco Police Officers Association, lamenting four New Orleans officers have despaired to suicide.

Still, those left behind took joy in persistence of doing the right thing as humans know it, with San Francisco turning out her best chosen to persist.

Mayor Gavin Newsom led the community, hosting His Excellency Aleksander Kwasniewski, the President of Poland, and Madame Kwasniewski.

The day began with President Kwasniewski bringing blessing to the processional.

And the raising of American colors.

It closed with living hope renewed.

Honored Deceased Members of the San Francisco Fire Department

Andersen, Paul A.
Calden, Keither P.
Chesterman, Charles J.
Claussen, Alfred
Clayton, Alvin L.
Cunningham, James A.
Davis, Albert H.
Dickerson, William D.
Donohoe, Chris C.
Dunn, Edwin W.
Evanoff, Donald
Feiling, Lloyd W.
Galassi, Ernest
Groover, Kenneth C.
Gunning, Raymond J.
Hadley Floyd
Hadlock Raymond T.
Hamilton, Dale
Harbick, Louis E.
Harris, Philip M.
Hutchinson, Richard E.
Jabs, Robert C.
Johnson, Ray E.
Jones, Robert J.
Kazarian, Clifford T.
Mahoney, Jerome J.
McHugh, Frank J.
Murray, Paul J.
Nielsen, Eugene F.
Paltrone, Raymond L.
Penirian, William C.
Politis, George L.
Putman, John E.
Rohrs, James S.
Stanfield, Michael
Tregenza, Arthur E.
Vayssie, Paul E.
Vega, Paul R.
Walsh Jr., William F.
Wanner, Edwin L.
Wardlaw, James
Weissgerber, Gene H.
Wells, Fred
Wentworth, Harry J.

Honored Deceased Members of the San Francisco Police Department

Alonzo, Delphino J.
Blaine, Donald R.
Boyd, Dale
Castro, Richard G.
Cunnane, William J.
Dower, Michael J.
Dubose Jr., Lon T.
Forni, Robert M.
Frescura, Charles S.
Gallagher, Charles
Glafkides, James
Haudbine, Eugene J.
Henry, Patrick G.
Hongisto, Richard D.
Kennealy, Donald P.
Kenny, Owen A.
King, Kenneth R.
King, Rodney D.
Kurpinsky, Paul
Kyle, Howard C.
McAdam, Robert J.
McCarthy, John W.
McGinn, Joseph D.
Meacham, Paul R.
Miller, William C.
Molinelli, Joseph F.
Moore, Samuel,
Mould, Harry
Nash, Darrell
Nichols Jr., Joseph E.
Northen, Joseph B.
Odmann, Stanley
Olsen, George L.
Olsen, Lawrence
Pedrin, Adolph J.
Pharris, Cecil M.
Salido, Anthony
Scott, Donald M.
Seybold, Michael J.
Shegoleff, Vladimire
Southern, John R.
Stewart, Robert B.
Thorington, Alfred
Van Tricht, Euegene
Winniecki, Richard T.
Wright Mary O.
Ziegler, Linda




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