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Christian revivalists and counter-demonstrators
both warn of cultural terrorism

Straight-Gay Alliance participant Bob Carter
Photo(s) by Bill Wilson

Battle Cry for a Generation revival
continues today in SBC Park
Photo republished with permission
by Battle Cry for a Generation

March 24, 2006

By Pat Murphy

Christian revivalists strode birthplace of same sex marriage Friday returning hymns to LGBT counter-demonstration go-home chants.

The afternoon event, although loud and emotional, was peaceful.

Both sides claimed to represent a battle against "terrorism."

San Francisco City Hall steps microphone went first to an ad-hoc Straight-Gay Alliance which warned of impending fascism in this country.

"A bunch of groups got together and said we have to organize a presence in San Francisco to speak out against the arrival of these right wing, Christian, fundamentalist, bigot, terror mongers called 'The Battle Cry for a Generation,'" organizer Stephanie Tang told the Sentinel.

Tang represents World Can't Wait - Drive Out The Bush Regime. Other participating groups included Not In Our Name, Code Pink, Bay Area Coalition for Reproductive Rights, War Resisters League, and the ANSWER Coalition.

"I think that the right wing elements in this country are feeling that this is their moment and they are on a roll on every front," explained Tang.

"The effort to ban gay marriage in this country is very similar in my mind to what happened to the Jews when the property laws and the marriage laws began to be changed in Germany.

"Fascism does not only come wearing swastikas and little funny moustaches.

"It will come in this country very likely cloaked in right wing Christian fundamentalism. This group is openly promoting a theocratic form of government - fundamentalist biblical rule."

Assemblyman Mark Leno attended as did Supervisors Tom Ammiano and Bevan Dufty; and San Francisco Labor Council board member Howard Wallace.

Chants of 'Christian fascism' made Wallace "a little queasy," he said.

"We had a number of chants that I like to join in but one made me a little queasy," Wallace told the Sentinel.

"That was about 'Christian fascists,' and I know what was meant by that because these people call themselves Christians, our opponents, but I make a distinction between the leadership and the people who are the followers.

"I think there is a big difference. The ones at the top are using religion as a device to gain political power and to become equal partners with the (former Enron chairman ) Ken Lays of the world and the George Bushs of the world.

"They are interested in power grabs. They are interested in running an empire. They have an inordinate influence in the government today," stated Wallace.

Battle Cry for a Generation organizes Christian youth through multi-State rallies and revivals.

High schooler Michael Phillips traveled from Colville, Washington to attend the San Francisco revival.

Phillips denied the group promotes hate.

"We're not about hate. We're not about hatred. We love everyone," Phillips told the Sentinel.

"We just believe that our generation needs to go back to its one true God and its one true love - and that's Jesus.

"We believe that we are losing our nation to a lie of society, and we just want to see our nation reformed under God.

Phillips deflected the question of how same sex marriage and adoption affects the nation. No revivalist speakers mentioned homosexuality or same sex marriage and adoption.

"I believe that the Bible is truth and anything that doesn't stand for the truth that I believe is a lie - and I don't want our nation to lie to me," responded Phillips.

Ron Luce, founder of Battle Cry for a Generation, spoke of youth under siege.

"There is a battle going on for this young generation for the hearts and minds of your peers," Luce stated.

"This battle is being waged by terrorists.

"Terror over virtue. Those who want to steal and rob you of any kind of moral fiber.

"We're talking about advertisers who spend over $150 billion a year to try to try to shape you and form you.

"We're talking about the sexualization of your culture.

"MTV three thousand times a week - there's a soft-core porn image on MTV. Video games that teach you how to murder and how to solicit prostitutes.

"There's a battle for your hearts and minds," Luce stated.

Luce and 150 supporters were separated by police barricades from and equal number of counter-demonstrators.

Counter-demonstrators chanted "Fascists, Sexists, Leave Our City, Leave Our State."

"These people they don't care about you," Luce told supporters.

"They don't care if you get a sexually transmitted disease. They don't care if you wear clothes and end up getting date raped.

"All they want to do is make money.

"We're so thankful for San Francisco and for all this warm welcome we've received, and we are here to tell the world there are young people who love Jesus Christ, the Bible, who want to live what's pure and live what's holy," stated Luce.

The group holds a revival at SBC Park tonight and on Saturday.




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