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Daly says Newsom lied,
moves to introduce alternative budget

Newsom responds calling move
"worst kind of election year politics"

Supervisor Chris Daly
Photo(s) by Luke Thomas

By Luke Thomas

June 5, 2007

At today's Board of Supervisors meeting, Distrct 6 Supervisor Chris Daly introduced a legislative motion aimed at restoring "draconian cuts to HIV/AIDS services, psychiatric services at San Francisco General Hospital Psychiatry, and new affordable housing programs."

The move is in response to Mayor Gavin Newsom's refusal to spend funds appropriated by the full board, in May, in the amount of $33 million, supplemental monies earmarked by the board for affordable housing.

In response to Newsom's claim that the City does not have the money to build affordable housing, Daly says Newsom is lying.

Daly's statement reads in full:

Supervisor Daly Introduces Alternative City Budget to Restore HIV/AIDS Cuts, Pysch services and AFFORDABLE Housing

Responding to the Mayor’s budget proposal that makes draconian cuts to HIV/AIDS services, psychiatric services at San Francisco General Hospital Psychiatry, and new affordable housing programs recently authorized by the Board of Supervisors, Supervisor Daly today introduced a motion to restore these important services. This motion is co sponsored by Supervisor Tom Ammiano.

“It is unconscionable that the Mayor would propose elimination of such important services,” said Supervisor Chris Daly. “The Mayor’s budget rhetoric is a mile wide, but only an inch thick when it comes to meeting the basic needs of the most vulnerable San Franciscans.

Less than a month ago, the Mayor refused to sign the Board’s $28 million supplemental appropriation for affordable housing, stating that he “will not spend funds which we do not have.” In his June 1 budget submission, the Mayor proposed de-appropriating the affordable housing dollars to pay for his pet projects. Supervisor Daly and Ammiano’s motion underscores the fact that the Mayor’s unwillingness to spend on essential needs like HIV/AIDS services and affordable housing is not about the lack of money, but the lack of leadership, vision and political will.

“When Gavin Newsom claimed he couldn’t build affordable housing, because the City didn’t have the money, he was lying to the people of San Francisco. The money is available. It is only a matter of priorities,” continued Supervisor Daly.

Responding to Daly's motion, Newsom released a statement calling the legislation "the most transparent political moves in recent San Francisco history," and accuses Daly of playing politics in an election year.

Newsom's statement reads in full:

Mayor Newsom's statement on the Board of Supervisors motion to amend the Mayor's 2007-2008 budget

This is one of the most transparent political moves in recent San Francisco history. It is the worst kind of election-year politics and terrible public policy.

Chris Daly may want to jump off this cliff. We hope no other members of the Board of Supervisors will follow him.

Reached by phone for comment, Daly told Fog City: "Apparently Gavin thinks that redesigning the City's website is more important than housing for seniors, people with disabilities, formerly homeless people, and working families.

"He stole $33 million from affordable housing and we're taking it back," Daly said.




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