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California Assemblyman Mark Leno and
California State Senator Carole Migden
Photo(s) by Luke Thomas

By Pat Murphy

November 10, 2005

California State Senator Carole Migden and Assemblyman Mark Leno were honored with the first Public Service Awards issued by the Annual Election Day Luncheon.

Tuesday marked the 25th anniversary of the traditional luncheon provided by Democratic Party heavyweight Robert McCarthy and his partner Angelo Quaranto.

"Today we honor two people who have been great friends, great humanitarians. They were great legislators here in San Francisco," began McCarthy.

Robert McCarthy, Angelo Quaranto, Carole Migden

"So it's my honor first to introduce currently a member of the Assembly, former member of the Board of Supervisors, the man who fought the great fight regarding the Marriage Equality Act this year - a fight that needs to continue to be fought - a man who has just learned that next year he will be the head of the Appropriations Committee, a dear friend of all of us here in San Francisco, and a dear friend of all people who believe in equality for all human beings throughout the planet, Mark Leno."

With the results unknown mid-Tuesday, Leno scored the Schwarzenegger special election.

"All I can say is that for all of us who are so invested in not just the wellbeing of this city but the wellbeing of this state, we can all embrace reform.

"But reform that is really an attack on the working men and women of California is just not something that we're going to accept.

"It becomes a very partisan issue. The 'Year of Reform' did not need to be a partisan battle.

"Unfortunately our governor did decide that and to see a couple of hundreds of millions of dollar spent on all of this nonsense when we've got another election coming up in June of this year -- $55 million of our own tax dollars wasted - I think the guy should go to jail just for squandering all this money.

"So the battle will go on, and I want to thank all of our very great friends for their hospitality and for providing this wonderful lunch for us, and for the very touching recognition that you've given me and Carole today."

McCarthy recalled his longtime friendship with Migden.

"You know Angelo and I have been friends with Carole for twenty, twenty-five years now - right after Angelo dropped off the boat, if you listen to his accent you probably thought it was twenty days - Carole likes to call us her favorite straight men.

"I remember when I first met Carole and she first ran for the Democratic County Central Committee, was elected immediately thereafter as chair, served with great distinction, served on our Board of Supervisors, was there constantly on behalf of working men and women, people of all colors and all creeds, always protecting their rights, understanding fully that government serves best those who cannot serve themselves, now had a distinguished career in the Assembly, is in the State Senate, wonderful, wonderful legislator, served on the Board of Equalization, so it is our distinct pleasure to present to you, and to present our Public Service Award to Senator Carole Migden."

Migden accepted the award, with a laugh.

"Thank you very much, Bob. I'm very happy to be the recipient of this because I'm not a client of Bob McCarthy, and I'm not sure who else is here who doesn't have the distinction of being represented him.

"I think it will be a good day for the city, a good day for California, a good day for Democrats, and all people who care to participated in the democratic process.

"I'm very happy to serve this city and represent the progressive values that are unique to San Francisco and the people of the Bay Area, and the great struggle in the state over a kind of conservative-overarching California.

"And I say to you that I am proud every day to go with our mission, with our message, and to come to this city with results. Thank you very much."

Fred Naranjo, District Attorney Kamala Harris, and Sonoma District Attorney Stephen Passalacqua

City Treasurer elect Jose Cisneros

Arnold Schwarzenneger representative Barbara Kaufman (right)

LeRoy King, social justice and labor icon.

Police Commissioner Joe Veronese (right).

Michael O'Conner and District 5 Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi

City Attorney elect Dennis Herrera

Police Commissioner Douglas Chan and
TIDA Board President Claudine Cheng

SF Giants CEO, Larry Baer, Port Commission Vice President Michael Hardeman (center), and SF Giants Senior Vice President Jack Bair

Supervisor Chris Daly (right)




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