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Overheard in Fog City

Luke Thomas, Fog City Journal publisher.
Photo by Adam Aufdencamp

By Luke Thomas


December 29, 2006

The plot thickens - Timing is everything

Former San Francisco Board President Matt Gonzalez says he wants to see a viable candidate challenge Newsom in the race for mayor next year but stopped short of saying anything that might confirm recent rumors that he, himself, is considering entering the race.

Matt Gonzalez with Ralph Nader

Gonzalez, you'll remember, narrowly lost to then District 2 Supervisor Gavin Newsom in the 2003 Mayor's race, a race that was ultimately decided by a Gonzalez camp miscalculation of the importance of absentee voters.

This time around, with recent Newsom administration problems surrounding failed negotiations over a new 49ers stadium, the resulting 2016 Olympics bid collapse, and Newsom's beguiling attempt to derail foot patrol legislation by way of veto, may just be the cracks in the dam that work to erode Newsom's sky-high approval ratings.

Gonzalez said Thursday he thinks about entering the mayor's race as much as he thinks about the weather.

However, insiders close to Gonzalez sing a different tune while emphasizing timing is everything.

Triple-Play Component mulling polls for possible run for mayor

Former District 7 Supervisor Tony Hall, subsequent Treasure Island Executive Director triple-play component, now regular civilian since being fired by Newsom, told Fog City Journal today that recent polls suggest Hall can give Newsom a run for his money.

Hall said he is not presently ready to declare his intention to enter the mayor's race.

Asked if his motivation to enter the mayor's race has anything to do with sour grapes over his termination as Treasure Island Executive Director, Hall said, "If I get into the race it's strictly to try and bring some integrity back to San Francisco and some honesty back in government."

Tony Hall

Norman Yee's injuries may be serious

According to a reliable source San Francisco Board of Education President Norman Yee is undergoing surgery to repair damage to his spine.

San Francisco School Board President Norman Yee

Yee was struck by a car on Tuesday near the intersection of 4th and Bryant streets.

The extent of Yee's injuries are not known at this time.

Former San Francisco Elections Commissioner heading to Washington D.C.

A former San Francisco Elections Commissioner who served under both Mayor Frank Jordon and Mayor Willie Brown administrations is heading to Washington D.C. at the end of January as Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez' new Chief of Staff.

A formal announcement from Sanchez will be made within a few days.

Sanchez was recently selected by Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi to serve as the second-ranking Democrat on the House Committee on Homeland Security. The committee was chartered to hold hearings and craft legislation for issues specific to homeland security; it also has the power to conduct investigations and subpoena witnesses to testify before the panel.

Keefer gets national attention from MacNeil/Lehrer News Hour

Former congressional candidate Krissy Keefer was recently interviewed by representatives of the MacNeil/Lehrer News Hour program.

Keefer ran a grassroots campaign using mostly her own funds to unseat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Despite losing to Pelosi, Keefer earned admiration and respect from all quarters for taking Pelosi's record to task.

Pelosi, in her infinite wisdom, avoided all opportunities to debate Keefer on Pelosi's appropriations support for the war in Iraq, and for taking articles of impeachment of President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney, for war crimes against humanity, off the table.

Krissy Keefer

The MacNeil/Lehrer segment will air on PBS, January 4.




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