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Prop 82 pre-schoool education
loses support

Speier pulls ahead of Garamendi

By Mark DiCamillo and Mervin Field

June 3, 2006

In addition to the intensely fought contest for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination, next week's statewide primary election will feature a number of other contested races for state constitutional offices, as well as Proposition 82, the pre-school education initiative. In its final pre-election survey, The Field Poll asked likely voters in the primary their voting preferences in these contests. The following are the survey's highlights:

- Prop. 82 (Pre-School Education): Two previous Field Polls had shown voters lining up in support of Prop. 82, the pre-school education initiative, albeit by declining margins. In February the Yes side held a 21-point advantage (55% to 34%). This declined to a 13-point lead (52% to 39%) in April. The current poll shows voters moving to the No side, with 46% now opposing the initiative, while just 41% remain in favor. Another 13% are undecided.

- Lt. Governor (Democratic): In the contested Democratic primary for Lt. Governor, State Senator Jackie Speier has pulled ahead of State Insurance Commissioner John Garamendi and State Senator Liz Figueroa. The current poll finds Speier the choice of 30% of likely Democratic primary voters, with Garamendi at 25% and Figueroa far behind at 8%. More than one in three voters (37%) are undecided. The current findings are a reversal of voter preferences from April when Garamendi held the lead over Speier.

- Attorney General (Democratic): Oakland Mayor Jerry Brown continues to hold a comfortable lead over Los Angeles City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo in the Democratic primary for Attorney General. The current poll finds Brown favored by 51% of the likely Democratic primary electorate, while just 24% support Delgadillo. One in four voters (25%) are undecided.

- Controller (Republican): Former Assemblyman and taxpayer organization president Tony Strickland leads State Senator and business controller Abel Maldonado 32% to 21% in the GOP primary for Controller, while 4% favor other candidates. However, a large 43% of likely Republican primary voters remain undecided.

- Controller (Democratic): Fewer than four in ten likely voters in the Democratic primary offer a voting preference in the election for Controller. Among those who can, preferences are closely divided. Currently, 19% of likely voters support Board of Equalization member John Chiang, while 18% are backing State Senator Joe Dunn. A huge 63% remain undecided.

- Treasurer (Republican): Only about one in three likely voters in the GOP primary currently express a preference between Assemblyman Keith Richman and state Board of Equalization member Claude Parrish in the Republican primary for Treasurer. Richman is currently the choice of 18% of likely GOP primary election voters, Parrish is favored by 17%, while 65% are undecided.

- Secretary of State (Democratic): A majority (56%) of likely voters in the Democratic primary have still not made up their minds in the race for Secretary of State that features two female State Senators, Deborah Ortiz and Debra Bowen. Among those able to choose, Ortiz currently leads Bowen 25% to 19%.




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