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Holiday Treat Throwdown Edition

City Hall denizens, lured by the wafting scents of meticulously prepared homemade cakes and cookies, attended a Holiday Treat Throwdown event at City Hall yesterday. The gathering, organized by Supervisor Sean Elsbernd aide Cammy Blackstone, attracted legislative aides and their families, Supervisors Carmen Chu, Jake McGoldrick, Bevan Dufty and Ross Mirkarimi, and several sweet tooth members of the City Hall press corps. The delectable creations were ajudged by San Francisco Fire Chief Joanne Hayes-White, Citizen Cake phenom Elizabeth Faulkner and San Francisco Chronicle columnist Andy Ross.
Photo(s) by Luke Thomas

By Luke Thomas

December 20, 2007

The Winning Creations

Sean Martinfield won the "best overall" award for his tribute to childhood heroine
Martha Stewart with this chocolate cake sensation.

Rachelle McManus won the top prize for the "most creative" creation.
McManus' "San Francisco" masterpiece is being considered by MOMA
for consumption gallery submission.

Pilar Schiavo, who masterfully blended hints of exotic spices
into her festive cranberry fruit cake, won the "Most Delicious" award.

The Judges

Fire Chief Joanne Hayes-White, San Francisco Chronicle columnist Andy Ross
and Citizen Cake founder Elizabeth Faulkner.

The Winners

Award winners Pilar Schiavo (2nd from left), Sean Martinfield and Rachelle McManus
with event organizer Cammy Blackstone (far left) who also won the "Most Festive" award
for her cookie ornaments on a pink Barbie tree.

The Holiday Cheer

Supervisor Carmen Chu reacts to star-shaped cookies emblazoned
with Supervisor Sean Elsbernd's handsome mug.
The Irishesque tea-biscuits were prepared by Elsbernd legislative aide Rebekah Krell.

FCJ's favorite concoction by Rebekah Krell.

Rebekah Krell with legislative aides Nick Kinsey (left) and Boe Hayward.

"You're under arrest!"
Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi flashes an Elsbernd cookie star to FCJ.

Legislative aide John Avalos uses a fork to eat his jello shot
while San Francisco Chronicle reporter Wyatt Buchanan (far left) takes note.

Jello shots named in honor of h. brown.

Quick! Hide the jello shots!! - San Francisco Chronicle sensation Phil Matier
just showed up with a videographer and a memo.

Davide Noyola: "I wonder if Matier knows his fly is undone."

Supervisor Sean Elsbernd: "So, erm, whatabout them there cookies, Andy? Pretty good looking wouldn't you say?"

Andy Ross: "Screw the cookies, Sean. Get a load of those jello shots!"
(Note cookie ornaments on pink Barbie tree).

Mayor's Office of Governmental Affairs Director Wade Crowfoot came out of his bunker
to explain that he is not, as reported in the Chronicle, going to become the "director of city greening" under the new Newsom adminstration.

Sean Martinfield: "I got Citizen Cup Cakes!"

Winning creations: Legislative aide Rachel Redondiez with daughter Malaya, 3.

Boe Hayward: "Yeah, it's a nail biter down here, Bevan. My nerves are frayed but everyone loves you for signing on to support Supervisor Chris Daly's affordable housing ballot initiative."

Andy Ross: "Is that medicated, Ross?"

Supervisor Carmen Chu: "Either I'm taking a picture of you taking a picture of me, or you're taking a picture of me taking a picture of you. What's it gonna be FCJ?"

Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi: "Whoa, how much vodka is in those jello shots, Sean?"





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