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The CrackBerry Chronicles

With Elaine Santore

Photo(s) by Luke Thomas

By Elaine Santore


December 3, 2007

Mark Sanchez Gets the Party Started

On Friday night, Fog City Journal attended a fundraiser for Mark Sanchez at the law offices of Gonzalez and Leigh, and nobody got thrown out. (Well, Luke Thomas and I didn't, but more on that later.) Sanchez assured us that the party was, "Not the kickoff," which implies that the actual kickoff should be amazing, and I need to start planning my outfit soon.

Like, yesterday soon.

Oh, yeah, back to the fundraiser. Upon arrival, Sue Vaughan, Karen Babbitt, and I made sure to admire the art and find the food and wine (we're good that way, you know)

Congressional candidate Cindy Sheehan arrived to a very warm welcome. Sheehan recently relocated to San Francisco and will be running against Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Sasaneh Solaimani, Cindy Sheehan, Elaine Santore, and Susan Vaughan.

Mark Sanchez and Cindy Sheehan.

San Francisco family values: Erika McDonald, Amy Elizabeth Chandonia, Cindy Sheehan,
and John-Marc Chandonia.

Jim Dorenkott, Julian Davis, and Sasaneh Solaimani.

District 5 Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi emphasized the importance of the District 9 race because it will most likely be a heavily contested race, and worthy of everyone's energy. "We take nothing for granted," Mirkarimi told a packed audience. "Despite how well he's excelled in his own civic life as an elected official. We're gonna have to work very, very hard. But just think of the rewards and the message it sends to the state of California and nationally about what it is that we can possibly achieve."

College School Board member John Rizzo, former Board President Matt Gonzalez, law partner Whitney Leigh, Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi and Mark Sanchez.

Gonzalez' law partner Whitney Leigh, also sang Sanchez' praises: "For those of you who've been in San Francisco for a while, understand what the school board has gone through over the last decade and also what a thankless job it has been for progressives for so long. And Mark is, has been, our champion for that period of time. Mark has been the person who withstood attack after attack, insult after insult, charge after charge, for a decade. Standing up for progressive values that really are community values."

Whitney Leigh

Fellow School Board and Green Party member Jane Kim spoke briefly about her experience working with Sanchez. She said, "Mark has completely blown me away this year. The unity on our board, the change and the direction we're heading in, I can give a lot of credit to Mark Sanchez for that."

Board of Education Member Jane Kim.

Community College Board member John Rizzo also marveled at Sanchez' leadership skills on the Board. Rizzo joked, "I'm very jealous because Mark tells me their meetings are an hour long now. They used to be nine hours long. Ours are now nine hours long. This is not a coincidence; this is Mark's leadership. We need this on the board of supervisors."

Planning Commissioner Christina Olague spoke about the issues facing District 9 and why the campaign needed to stay clean and civil. According to Olague, "There are issues in District 9 that need to be looked at. We need an advocate who's gonna have compassion. We need an advocate who's gonna be willing to talk to all sides."

Planning Commissioner Christina Olague

Olague also urged everyone to run a positive campaign without any negative attacks. "I think it's important that since we have IRV we figure out a strategic way to work with people like Eric Quesada, work with people like David Campos so we don't have a very antagonistic campaign because I'm sure the machine will have somebody of significance running," she said.

Ken Tray, the Political Director of United Educators of San Francisco, said the UESF would likely endorse Sanchez because "He's a brother in arms, in the classroom with us every day." Randy Knox said Sanchez was first Green elected official in San Francisco. Gonzalez corrected Knox, because Sanchez initially ran as a Democrat, but was re-elected as a Green.

FCJ legal eagle Randall Knox and Matt Gonzalez.

Mark Sanchez spoke about the importance of creating housing for teachers so they could continue to live in the district. Also, he said, District 9 has faced a decline in enrollment because families cannot afford to live there. Sanchez urged everyone to support a parcel tax for homeowners so they'll be more money for teachers and better technology for schools.

Board of Education President and District 9 Supervisor Candidate Mark Sanchez.

However, Sanchez is aware that being a supervisor will require him to look beyond the school system. "There are so many things that impact how this city runs," he said. "And I'm dedicated. I know a little bit about a lot, a lot about a little in some things like schools, but I'm dedicated to learning as much as I need to learn to make sure I'm the best prepared Supervisor for this race."

We all support Mark Sanchez for District 9 Supervisor!

CrackBerry Productions Presents: A special one-off dramz


Matt Gonzalez, Sue Vaughan, Ross Mirkarimi and Luke Thomas in...

"Get the fuck out of my office!"

Towards the end of the soiree Sue Vaughan interrupted a meeting between Mirkarimi, Gonzalez and an unidentified white male.

Why did Vaughan interrupt them? She did it because she got tired of seeing the Progressive White Male Clique conducting discussions without any women present. She was on a mission. She was a tad tipsy. The fellas were speculating about Joe Nation's possible entry into the District 3 Senate race, but for Sue they could've been talking about the season finale of Dancing with the Stars (Mel B was robbed, y'all!) and she still would've been offended.

Sue accused the fellas of excluding the ladies, and pleaded with Gonzalez to do more to help out the local Green Party. This made Gonzo all awkward and defensive, and this supreme awkwardness led the unidentified white mail to run out of the office, saying, "That was really bad."

Not content to be banished once, Sue interrupted a second time. Ross got really pissed that Sue called him white, and was not having any more of her foolishness. Gonzo wasn't having it, either, and told her "Get the fuck out of my office." Sue didn't hear him say that, but Luke Thomas did, and got photos of everything.

"Good luck to you."

As Sue walked out of his office, she yelled, "This is going to be in the next CrackBerry Chronicles!" Omg, she read my mind!

Happy Birthday, Alix Rosenthal!

If the Sanchez fundraiser wasn't enough excitement for our Friday night, Alix Rosenthal and Donnie Fowler celebrated their birthdays at Etiquette in the Tenderloin. The theme of the party was "Better Red Than Dead" and all party people were encouraged to wear red for the occasion.

The joint birthday party was also a fundraiser for two charities: Homorouboros, the flying monkey project which debuted at Burning Man, and Common Ground, a relief program for those effected by Hurricane Katrina and the San Diego fires.

The crowd at Etiquette.

The birthday girl looked ravishing in red, and the guests were an eclectic mix of progressives (many coming from the Sanchez fundraiser), bloggers (including Beth Spotswood and Calitics' Brian Leubitz), and Burning Man attendees. Alix's plus-one, Steve Jones, dyed his Billy Idol locks red for the occasion.

Mark Sanchez arrived without any red, so I gave him one of his own red campaign buttons. He felt bad about taking my button, but I assured Mark I already had one at home, which kind of made me look like a stalker.

Birthday girl Alix Rosental.

Steve Jones and Alix Rosenthal.

Paul Hogarth and Mark Sanchez.

Former mayoral candidate Quintin Mecke sported some red (not pink) pants for the occasion, and I got the opportunity to ask Quintin about life as a civilian. He told me civilian life was great, and that he refused to shake hands with anyone until 2008.

Then I introduced Mecke to my friend Tanene Allison, who extended her hand and was denied, then accepted, but then she reneged her offer completely. There's always 2011, Quintin.

Mark Sanchez, Paul Hogarth, Quintin Mecke, Tom Radulovich, and Beth Spotswood.

Elaine Santore and former Youth Commissioner and new FCJ contributor, Tanene Allison.

Kat from Kepi and Kat.

Hey, That's My Bike

I'm sure a lot of you think that all I do is party, make fun of people, and go home to prepare for the next party. Not true. I show up, observe, listen, judge, and write. People tell me things under the influence that they probably shouldn't (I'm a gossip columnist - you shouldn't trust me), and I have the pleasure of relaying everything back to my fabulous readers because I obviously can't keep a secret. With events like these, why should I?

On Sunday night, Luke and I attended the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition's Winterfest at SOMArts Gallery. The event was an art show, party, auction and fundraiser for the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition.

Among the items auctioned off was dinner at Nopa with Ross Mirkarimi and a special voicemail recording with Ross' famous baritone. As Ross pedaled onto the stage, I turned to Supervisor Geraldo Sadoval and said, "I had no idea Ross was going to be here. I was totally unaware of this part of his schedule. Not that there's a shortage of Ross photos on Fog City Journal." Ross proclaimed, "It's time to plot the revolution." The revolution apparently includes bikes and dinners with Ross.

One night with Ross quickly became one night with Ross and Tom Ammiano, and then one night with Ross, Tom, and Gerardo. They even had to throw in a back rub! One fan finally coughed up $700 dollars for a date with with the fab trio. This prompted Tom to tell the audience," I'll pay somebody $100 for me not to spend time with these guys." Ouch!

For sale: Supervisors Gerardo Sandoval, Ross Mirkarimi, Tom Ammiano
and SFBC Program Director Andy Thornley.

I hope Ross and Gerardo don't get stood up. Personally, I'd rather bid on one of Tom's voicemail recordings. I hear those are hilarious.

Assemblyman Mark Leno also put himself on the auction block, as part of a gift package that included a sailing trip with SFBC Executive Director Leah Shahum and Ted Strawser of SF Party Party. The trip also included vodka, wine, cheese cubes and "Dramamine on the house." Translation: a typical Wednesday.

SFBC Executive Director Leah Shahum, Ted Strawser of SF Party Party,
and Assemblymember Mark Leno.

Elaine Santore, Mark Leno, and Ross Mirkarimi.

Among the other attendees I recognized: Matt Smith, Deborah Walker, Rafael Mandelman, Andy Blue, Sonya Mehta, Steve Jones, Alix Rosenthal and Tom Radulovich. The highlight of the evening was the Extra Action Marching Band. I even got a free canvas tote bag from Rickshaw for my groceries. I cannot be seen in public toting a plastic bag (shudder).

Steve Jones and Elaine Santore can see the future,
and it includes lots of bicycles, beer, and reusable bags.

Senator Carole Migden incognito, with campaign manager Patrick Doyle.

Randy True, Government/MUNI liaison Judson True,
and Supervisoral aide Nick Kinsey.

They've got some junk in the trunk, but there's no need to empty out the gas.





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