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The CrackBerry Chronicles

With Elaine Santore

Photo(s) by Luke Thomas

By Elaine Santore

February 8, 2008

Clinton and Obama campaigns target Nebraska

Former first daughter Chelsea Clinton visited Lincoln, Nebraska yesterday to campaign for her mother, Sen. Hillary Clinton. It was a surprise visit in response to Sen. Barack Obama's rally in Omaha.

The Clinton and Obama campaigns are targeting Nebraska in preparation for the Nebraska caucuses on Saturday. It's the first time the Nebraska Democrats will hold a caucus for a presidential primary.

The results of Super Tuesday have put pressure on both Democratic candidates to collect as many delegates as possible. Even smaller Republican states like Nebraska could be crucial to the nomination.

Obama's Omaha rally drew 10,000 supporters. It also marked the first time in years that a presidential candidate has campaigned in Nebraska during the primary.

Fog City Journal Midwestern correspondent, BFF Aaron, attended Chelsea's Q&A session at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln student union. Here's an excerpt of Aaron and (UNL alum) Elaine Santore's IM exchange below.

Aaron: I just touched Chelsea Clinton!!!!! I'm gonna pee!!!

Miss Santore: Where did you meet her?!!! How was her hair? Omg so jealous.

Aaron: The Union!!!!

Miss Santore: Ahhhhhhhhh! What's she doing there?

Aaron: Campaigning for Hill! I paparazzi'd her but there was a mob.

Miss Santore: A-list political celeb in Nebraska!

Aaron: Hahaha. I know, it was a surprise visit and everyone called me and was like, "OMG you're going to shit, your girlfriend is here"!!

Miss Santore: Hahahahhahaha!

Aaron: Her hair and outfit was SO fierce.

Miss Santore: Duh! FIERCE!

Aaron: She said the '90s were an awkward time for her, haha. She looks amazing.

Senator Hillary Clinton
Photo by John Han

Super Tuesday is the new Fat Tuesday

FCJ publisher Luke Thomas, Bob Brigham, Sue Vaughan and I attended two parties on Tuesday night. The first was a non-partisan party hosted by SF/Unscripted's Arthur Bruzzone and Mark Norrell at Alfred's Steakhouse.

Bruzzone asked me if tipsters were calling me in the middle of the night with hot gossip.

"No," I said. "Nobody likes me."

What I really meant to say: "Midnight phone calls? Isn't that what facebook is for, Art?"

In 2005, Jackson West wrote, "Arthur Bruzzone doesn't get out much." This has haunted Bruzzone (and his Google searches) for years. But he's slowly getting back into the party scene.

Howard Epstein, Bob Brigham, Arthur Bruzzone, Elaine Santore, and Sue Vaughan.

SFWeekly's Benjamin Wachs, Michael and Sherry Antonini, Jennifer and Mark Norrell.

Bob Brigham reunites with "Big Sister" Darcy Brown.

Arthur Bruzzone was ambushed by a camera man from KPIX.
Hank Plante must have tipped them off.
I think all SF Republicans have microchips implanted into their necks
so they can keep track of each other at all times.

After Bruzzone's party, our crew headed over to the Fairmont Hotel for the Obama 2008 party. Local electeds were stumping for Obama, including Rep. Barbara Lee (D - CA), State Senator Leland Yee, and Supervisors Aaron Peskin and Ross Mirkarimi.

Barack Obama supporters rally at the Fairmont Hotel.

U.S. Representative and Obama supporter Barbara Lee.

The kidlets love Obama.

Supervisor Aaron Peskin, Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi,
School Board member Jane Kim, Craig Newmark, and Supervisor Bevan Dufty.

The ubiquitos Frank Chu returned to earth to endorse Obama.

Mrs. Dewson's Hats owner Ruth Dewson, Elaine Santore, and Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi.







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