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Overheard in Fog City

Luke Thomas, Fog City Journal publisher.
Photo by Adam Aufdencamp

By Luke Thomas


January 20, 2007, 8:15 p.m.

Gunfight at the O.K. corral?

Board President Aaron Peskin and Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi tested Mayor Gavin Newsom's Room 200 open door policy, Friday, to discuss the recent spike in San Francisco homicides, and a recent Los Angeles Times article quoting Mayor's Office of Communications Director, Peter Ragone, delivering a personal snipe at the ever judicious Mirkarimi.

Ragone is quoted in the article saying, "Mirkarimi can't walk and chew gum at the same time."

Ragone volleyed the attack on Mirkarimi after Mirkarimi accused Newsom of being distracted and not focused on the recent spate of homicides.

"His outrage needs to be proportioned toward the most severe crimes and less to those that affect his own political image outside of San Francisco," Mirkarimi was quoted as saying in the article.

San Francisco has recorded eleven homicides so far in 2007. Should this trend continue , San Francisco could see a shattering of all time high homicide records leading to a banner year for mortuaries.

Peskin downplayed rumors the Room 200 meeting was confrontational. Peskin told Fog City by phone Saturday, "It was a civil discussion. We weren't screaming… We were working through stuff. It was passionate. Feelings were hurt."

But, according to sources, the exchange was anything but civil. More like a lot of red-faced finger pointing interspersed with well-placed expletives, ending with the Gavster showing the earnest gun-slingers the door.

Hall gets settlement just in time for possible mayoral challenge

Triple-play component Tony Hall says he's reached a satisfactory settlement in his dispute with the city over his termination as former Treasure Island Executive Director. Although not formalized, Hall is expected to receive $35,000 in withheld compensation, just in time for a possible run for mayor.

According to Hall, a recent poll shows Newsom approval ratings in the high thirties.

"35 to 38 percent of voters think Newsom is doing a good job," Hall told Fog City.

Hall declined to discuss details of the poll but quipped, "Ronald Reagan, the Pope, and Mother Theresa never ran at 86 percent."

The 700-mile mistake

On Monday the Congressional Steering and Policy Committee will announce the formation of the Committee on Border, Maritime and Global Counterterrorism, a sub-committee of the Homeland Security Committee, to be chaired by Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez (D-47 CA). The sub-committee will hear the most high profile issues related to homeland security.

You can expect the sub-committee to begin proceedings starting with the 700-mile fence proposal on the California Mexico border.

You may recall all the talking heads, particularly the right-winged types, obsessed over the dangers of "illegal aliens" pouring over the border. Both Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, a former alien himself, and Senator Feinstein, a descendent of aliens, came out in support of a fence. Schwarzenegger went as far as to support 'Minutemen' to patrol the border.

While the outcome of the hearing cannot be predicted, Sanchez openly refers to the fence as the "700-mile mistake."

Sanchez is the 9th ranking member of the powerful Armed Services Committee where she will serve on a number of sub-committees. She is also a member of the Congressional Steering and Policy Committee.

On an unrelated note, Sanchez will officially announce her new Chief of Staff this week. The high profile position will be held by Susan Horsfall, a former San Francisco Elections Commissioner.

Calling all chickens, where's Waldo?

Mayor Gavin Newsom will be in Davos, Switzerland, this week for the upcoming World Economic Forum, providing a second opportunity in as many weeks to defy the will of San Francisco voters over Proposition I.

The first item of business on the Board of Supervisors agenda, Tuesday, is 'Mayor's Question Time' and, according to Board President Aaron Peskin, the item will be called and noticed just like any other item.

Since our current mayor is expected to be knee deep in Swiss snow drifts, public comment will not be permitted on the item. Voters wishing to flap their wings on the issue, however, may do so during general public comment.




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