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Pelosi too busy to debate the issues

Mainstream media in "lockdown"

By Luke Thomas


October 20, 2006

SAN FRANCISCO -- Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi told San Francisco constituents yesterday that she is too busy "serving her constituents" to engage in a debate with candidates for the 8th Congressional District seat.

Pelosi announced her refusal to debate the issues yesterday in a letter hand-delivered by Pelosi aide Dan Bernal to fellow candidates Philip Berg (Libertarian Party), Mike DeNunzio (Republican Party) and Krissy Keefer (Green Party).

Krissy Keefer, Mike DeNunzio and Philip Berg

The challengers received Pelosi's written response during a press conference they convened outside the federal building to announce Pelosi's unwillingness and inability to debate the issues.

"I am unable to accept your invitation because I will be serving my constituents, as well as traveling the country working to win a Democratic majority," Pelosi wrote in the letter that reads more like a press release than a letter explaining her reluctance to debate the issues.

The letter omits Pelosi's voting record showing her support for the war in Iraq and her vote against the U.S. adoption of the Kyoto Protocol.

"What Pelosi is really saying is that she is afraid to debate because she knows she is vulnerable on the issues," Keefer stated.

"The letter that she sent is just another one of her puff pieces. She might just as well have sent us directions to Coit Tower and the Golden Gate Bridge and included $25 off on a Chinese dinner.

Krissy Keefer

"Pelosi's refusal to debate is a slap in the face to our democracy and values, and disrespects the very constituents she says she is serving.

"It is also clear that the mainstream media, by its absence today, despite San Francisco's reputation as a politically active community that values a proactive and hard charging media, is in a collective political lockdown," added Keefer.

Philip Berg said of Pelosi's response, "Here we are in front of the Phillip Burton Building and isn't it appropriate because he (Burton) was the Congressman before Nancy Pelosi. Phillip Burton coronated his wife, Sala Burton, and then she coronated Nancy Pelosi. So the voters were never given a choice.

Philip Berg

"The establishment presented her as the choice and then the media ratified that choice and even the brave efforts of Harry Britt did not stop that establishment choice.

"This is a voting rights issue," Berg continued. "The march of Martin Luther King, Jr. from Selma to Birmingham was about voting rights. People would say you cannot compare the two because the protesters in Birmingham were sprayed with tear gas and beaten viciously by George Wallace's police on horses. But almost more stifling than the tear gas is the cloud of complacency that rises over San Francisco and the nation with the deafening silence of meaningful debate."

"The bill of rights gives the media the protection of the first amendment," said Republican candidate Mike DeNunzio.

Mike DeNunzio

"The job of the media is to represent the voice of the people, and the media is absent today just like Mrs. Pelosi is absent. The House of Representatives is not the House of Lords or the House of Ladies. It's the people's house, created by its founders to do the people's work.

"Representatives of the Republican Party, Libertarian Party, and Green Party are here to do the people's work. Mrs. Pelosi is not here. She fails to do the people's work. We call on Mrs. Pelosi to join us in a debate on the great issues that face our nation."




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