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San Francisco leads nation
with ban of non-biodegradable plastic bags

Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi sponsored legislation requiring large supermarkets
and pharmacies in the city and county of San Francisco to replace
non-biodegradable plastic bags with reusable or recyclable bags.
The legislation was passed by Supervisors today (10-1) with Supervisor Ed Jew dissenting.
Photo(s) by Luke Thomas

By Tamara Barak and Bridgid Gaffikin, Bay City News Service

March 27, 2007

SAN FRANCISCO (BCN) - San Francisco's Board of Supervisors this afternoon passed an ordinance requiring large supermarkets and pharmacies in the city to replace non biodegradable plastic bags with reusable or recyclable bags.

The legislation, which was passed 10-1, makes San Francisco the first city in the U.S. to introduce such a ban, said Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi, who sponsored the original version of the ordinance.

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With h brown

Photo(s) by Luke Thomas

Court Jester writes open letter to Danny Glover


By h. brown


March 28, 2007

Dear Danny,

It's time you came home and did some heavy lifting. You are the only potential Progressive candidate who can beat Gavin Newsom this November and God knows, the poor, people of color and artists need a mayor who will stop the cattle drive forcing us out of town. Let me list a few reasons you should run.

Newsom is giving SF to the rich

As did Willie. While not new, the pace has quickened under Gavin. The stables in the park, the golf courses, the marinas, the soccer fields, … all have been recommended for privatization by Mayor Newsom.

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Former USF dean sentenced for child pornography

By Julia Cheever, Bay City News Service

March 27, 2007

SAN FRANCISCO (BCN) - A former dean of education at the University of San Francisco was sentenced in federal court today to five years and three months in prison for possessing child pornography obtained on the Internet.

William Garner, 67, was also ordered by U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker to pay $50,000 in restitution to a charity, the San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center.

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UCSF receives $50 million gift
for new cardiovascular clinic

By Caitlin Cassady, Bay City News Service

March 27, 2007

SAN FRANCISCO (BCN) - More than 20 percent of the cost for University of California, San Francisco's new building for cardiovascular research and clinical treatment has been covered by a $50 million gift from The Atlantic Philanthropies.

The new 232,000 square-foot building, located at the school's Mission Bay Campus, will house both research scientists and clinicians in order to accelerate efforts to understand cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack and stroke, according to Corinna Kaarlela, a spokeswoman for UCSF.

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Newsom continues to evade issue of open dialogue

Restricts Mission District town hall meeting
to monologue lecture on healthcare access

Mayor Gavin Newsom reviews written questions from audience members at Cesar Chavez Elementary School during yesterday's Mission District Town Hall meeting.
Photo(s) by Luke Thomas

By Nevena Predolac

March 27, 2007

Yesterday's Mission District town hall meeting reaffirmed Mayor Gavin Newsom's failure and fear of complying with San Francisco constituent request that he answers questions in open chambers, to be held to account for his policies.

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And in other news...

- Plastic bags are suffocating us

- Lawyers Guild seeks information on rules of engagement in Iraq

- California Health Department fines Laguna Honda Hospital

FCJ Quotes of the Day

"The consequences of imposing such a specific and random date of withdrawal would be disastrous. Our enemies in Iraq would simply have to mark their calendars. They'd spend the months ahead plotting how to use their new safe haven once we were to leave. It makes no sense for politicians in Washington, D.C. to be dictating arbitrary timelines for our military commanders in a war zone 6,000 miles away."
- President George W. Bush, 3/27/7

"Rather than making all the threats that he has, let's work with him and see if he can give us some ideas how we can satisfy the wishes of a majority of the Senate, the majority of the House and move forward."
- Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, (D-NV), 3/277

Letters, letters, letters

- FCJ Quotes of the Day - Rev. Ian Paisley

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