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The CrackBerry Chronicles

With Elaine Santore

Photo(s) by Luke Thomas

By Elaine Santore


October 1, 2007

A blogger walks into a bar…

When Bob Brigham sent me an invite for Calitics' Blogger Beer last Wednesday, I wrote back: "This shit better be amazing. There'd better be a fight."

Allow me to explain: in one month alone, Bob (aka blogswarm at Calitics) witnessed 3 blogger fights, all of which involved either spilled beer or wine. I witnessed one of the incidents involving h. Brown.

However, there was nothing but love at this event. The first person I recognized was Beth Spotswood, who I hadn't seen since the Alice B. Toklas brunch. I was lucky enough to witness the passionate reunion between Beth and her plus-one, Assemblymember Mark Leno.

Secret lovers Beth Spotswood and Assemblyman Mark Leno reunite.

Beth and I discussed her now-infamous wardrobe fiasco at the Opera gala. Luke tried to explain to Beth (in vain) why he doesn't agree with Gavin on a fundemental political level. I tried to steer the conversation back to Gavin's love life where it belonged. (For example, Jennifer Siebel's big debut in the NBC series Life premiered that night, but I'm guessing Beth didn't TiVo it.)

Greg Dewar of the N Judah Chronicles also came to the party, and I encouraged him to take up h.'s offer to host one of the Candidates' Collaborative debates. Greg expressed some interest, but warned me about the nature of his questions for the candidates.

Bring on the dramz, Greg.

Blogger Yearbook Photo: Steve Filson, Greg Dewar (third from left), Mark Leno,
Elaine Santore, Beth Spotswood, and Bob Brigham.

Greg complained about how the Chronicle and other publications rip off his material without giving him source attribution. Luke said something like "join the club" but reminded him that when the Chronicle or the Examiner finally realize they've been scooped, the last thing they're going to do is advertise their "scoop" is already old news. We also discussed how the Examiner didn't credit Scott Beale's photo used for their recent story (since corrected) on mayoral candidate Chicken John Rinaldi.

Greg Dewar telling me something really shocking and important
while Barry Bonds walks , for the last time, down the hallowed San Francisco Giants tunnel.

Beyond Chron's Paul Hogarth revealed his new look. Apparently, his boss, Randy Shaw told Paul he needed a Queer Eye for the Straight Guy-esque makeover. "Randy Shaw, a straight man with a wife and children," Paul said in dismay.

Paul's friends got involved with the makeover by taking him to Macy's for a new wardrobe, and bringing him to the salon for a haircut. I love makeovers, especially when they involve people who are already adorable.

Paul Hogarth (right) after his Randy Shaw-commissioned makeover.

Props to Mark Leno for being gracious and media-savvy enough to socialize with us. I'd like to see more local politicians *cough* Gavin Newsom *cough* reach out to bloggers and online news organizations. Your Google searches depend on it!

Needless to say, everybody had an amazing time. The beer was flowing, new friends were made, and there's peace and joy in Blogville. Big thanks to our buddies Brian Leubitz and Bob Brigham at Calitics for organizing the event.

Some dude named Barry had a big night, too. But he wasn't partying with us,
so he's obvs not that popular.

Candidates' Collaborative Caption Action

Debate moderator Bob Brigham, who's still pissed at me
for dissing Mark Leno's leather pants.
(Damn, if I knew Bob would bring it up every week for the next four months...)

The yearbook photo keeps getting stranger and smaller.

I think Kenny the Clown needs to use a different base. It's looking a little too red.

Mayoral candidate Dr. Ahimsa Sumchai.
My mom has a jacket like this from the '80s, which I secretly covet.

Hope Johnson's Fog City Journal 1st Anniversary cookie,
which might as well be the City Seal.

Happy 1st Anniversary FCJ, September 24, 2007.

Fog City Journal is #1. Duh.
Photo by Bob Brigham

Lonnie and Paris Holmes (second and third from the right)
took the rest of the cookie home for the kids.

Michael Strickland of Civic Center Blog (right) chills with Hope Johnson.

"Lonnie Holmes for Mayor, my fellow ecofriendly earthlings!"

Hurry up, Bridge and Tunnel folks! BART's gonna close soon.

A passing Critical Masser lit by a rising full moon.

Cheer up, Bob. There's always next week...

Kenny the Clown playing with fire.

What does one buy a Progressive baby?

I'm happy to report that two of our friends, the Green Party's Erika McDonald and John-Marc Chandonia, held a baby shower at Susan King's house last Sunday. My favorite shower gift, hands down, was the Che Guevara onesie Erika received from Krissy Keefer.

Before you knew it, Erika's baby-shower turned into a Green Party meeting.

Big thanks to Erika and John-Marc for the invitation to their celebration, and thank you Susan King for opening your home, and providing heaps of yummy food.

If you can't take the heat, get outta the kitchen.

Congratulations, Erika and John-Marc!

CrackBerry Blind Items

Which retired pumpkin politico is finally growing up, rumored to be ditching his roomies and shacking up, instead, with his on-again-off-again honey bunny?

Which English svengali, who has a penchant for scoops and wearing reading glasses on his head, has contributed to Senator Barak Obama's campaign?

Editor's Note: Duh!





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