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The CrackBerry Chronicles

With Elaine Santore

Photo(s) by Luke Thomas

By Elaine Santore


November 12, 2007

Family Bidness

First things first: Fog City Journal editor Luke Thomas would like to thank all the friends, fans, and readers for their outpouring of support and condolences last week.

In other FCJ family news, today is my grandmother's 87th birthday. Big Brother made a special appearance for Grandma's b-day bash this weekend. His 26th birthday also falls on the same week, officially ending his quarter-life crisis (we're praying, anyway).

Among Big Brother's goals for the year? To make his forehead wrinkles deeper because "it looks good on guys." Let that one sink in for a bit

FCJ would like to congratulate Chris Daly and Sarah Low Daly for the newest addition to their family, Grace Eolen. Every time a hapa baby is born, an angel gets its wings!

And in more baby news, here's a photo of Erika McDonald and John-Marc Chandonia with their newborn baby girl, Amy Elizabeth Chandonia:

The McDonald-Chandonia family at the sixth annual Green Festival yesterday.

Pouring one out for the 2007 Election

Election night turned out to be everything and nothing I expected. My first stop was h brown's victory celebration at Temple Bar, where I met up with fellow progressive ladies
Sue Vaughan, Susan King, Karen Babbitt, and Krissy Keefer.

Ahimsa Porter Sumchai arrived later with several other candidates, including George Davis and Michael Powers. Sumchai admitted she never actually wanted to be mayor, but said the following about her experience on the campaign trail: "It's like studying for an exam for months and getting a C." So far, Sumchai has received 2, 777 votes, putting her behind Wilma Pang and ahead of Chicken John Rinaldi.

Josh Wolf arrived at the Temple Bar just as Karen, Sue, Susan, and I were leaving for the Yes on A/No on H party at El Rio. I congratulated Josh and told him I felt left out of the whole twentysomething candidate trend that's been going on lately. You know how I hate to be behind on the trends!

Our progressive female posse arrived at El Rio to find the Party of the Year. Now, I call a lot of parties the Party of the Year, but I think this one actually was the Party of the Year. We spotted Board President Aaron Peskin talking to a news station and I shouted, "Aaron, I love you!" over my shoulder.

I think I said "I love you" to almost everybody I talked to, and I kind of meant it. After a couple weeks out of the scene, I was ecstatic to be around so many familiar faces. A short list of who showed up: Natasha Marsh, the woman who made it all happen; BART Director Tom Radulovich; Supervisor/CrackBerry reader Sean Elsbernd; Supervisor Tom Ammiano, who handed me a tulip and said, "You look how I feel right now."; Supervisors Gerardo Sandoval and Ross Mirkarimi; Janet and Clint Reilly walked in like they were political royalty; Ted Strawser of SF Party Party; Leah Shahum of the Bike Coalition; Vicki Leidner of Code Pink; Bill Barnes; School Board Member Jane Kim; Paul Hogarth of Beyond Chron (duh); Bay Guardian City Editor Steve Jones and Alix Rosenthal; Bay Guardian Executive Editor Tim Redmond; School Board Member/District 9 Supervisor candidate Mark Sanchez; FCJ alum Adam Aufdencamp; Tim Paulson, who bought me a pint of Stella; MTA Executive Director Nat Ford; Assemblyman and State Senate candidate, Mark Leno, sweet and chic as always.

On our way back to BART, Karen, Sue, and I spotted Aaron Peskin waiting at a Muni stop alone, chatting on his cell. Aaron gave a rousing speech at the party (he got up on one of the bar stools), and proved to have a much more convincing blaccent than Gavin Newsom. I don't know if I've ever heard a white man say "my brothers and sisters" and "in the house" that much since Warren Beatty in Bulworth:

The Fog City Journal staff - mostly Luke Thomas and reporter/photographer John Han - put in so much effort and dedication into covering this election, and now it's finally over. Over the past six months, we've made friends, lost friends, gained new allies, endured personal and professional tragedy, but we're still kicking ass and taking names. Onward to the next election!

CrackBerry Quote of the Day

"We need a media that covers power, not covers for power. We need a media that is the fourth estate, not for the state."
- Amy Goodman, November 11, 2007

Amy Goodman, Democracynow.org

CrackBerry Blind Item

Which "unopposed" victor reverted back to his old tricks, boozing and getting his creep on all over the City? A reliable source reports the fratastic numbers wonk left a fundraiser party with a mystery girl and spent the night at her apartment.

It sounds like he had a rough morning after:

The Wonk: (wakes up, realizing he's not in his own apartment)

Mystery Girl's roommate: "Aren't you…"

The Wonk: "Yes. Do you know where I can get a cup of coffee?"

At least he's got a chauffeur, and didn't need to do the Walk of Shame.

Wait a minute … didn't he just do an interview where he completely evaded any and all questions about his sobriety, and said he was "blessed" to be with his thespian girlfriend?

Winos forever.





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