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Studies conclude: TV makes kids fat

Photo courtesy The Future of Children

By Elizabeth Daley, Bay City News Service

March 1, 2007

SAN FRANCISCO (BCN) - Two studies released Wednesday by the American Heart Association at the 47th annual conference on Cardiovascular Disease Epidemiology and Prevention shed light on the eating habits of children.

One study found a correlation between hours of television watched by 3-year-olds and the development of poor eating habits. Another study found that impoverished children and children who were members of a minority group were more likely to be obese.

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Newsom stalker arrested in Union City

Han Shin with Mayor Gavin Newsom, 2/12/7
Photo by Pia Torelli, World Picture Network, special to Fog City Journal

By Lara Moscrip, Bay City News Service

March 1, 2007

A man accused of stalking San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom was arrested last night at his Union City home on suspicion of attempting to run over a man and causing a minor injury to a San Ramon police officer, according to a spokesman for the Contra Costa County Sheriff's Office.

According to spokesman Jimmy Lee, 42-year-old Han Shin went to a house in the 2100 block of Longleaf Circle in San Ramon around 8:45 a.m. in order to confront a man with whom he had once had a romantic relationship.

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Feinstein, Pelosi, Ma abstain on DCCC Wolf resolution


March 1, 2007

A resolution backing wrongfully imprisoned journalist Josh Wolf and urging enactment of a federal shield law received near-unanimous approval Wednesday night from the San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee.

None of the delegates opposed the resolution, though proxies for Senator Dianne Feinstein, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Assemblymember Fiona Ma abstained from voting on the resolution

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Church leaders, politicians react
to AsianWeek controversy

Screenshot courtesy Asianweek.com

By Tamara Barak, Bay City News Service

February 28, 2007

SAN FRANCISCO (BCN) - AsianWeek Editor-at-Large Ted Fang today said the columnist who penned the piece "Why I Hate Black People" last week will not contribute to the free paper's content again.

The controversial column by 22-year-old New York-based Kenneth Eng appeared in the current edition of AsianWeek, which came out Friday.

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With h brown

Photo(s) by Luke Thomas

Court Jester reviews BOS and other misdemeanors


By h. brown


February 28, 2007

"In Deuteronomy, it says: 'If a man lies with a woman
who is the wife of another man,
that man and the woman
should be stoned to death.

(Public speaker at yesterday's Board of Supervisors meeting)

The guy looked the part of a religious nut. Mid-50's, white, lean, short-sleeved sport shirt with a pamphlet sticking out of the breast pocket. You could make out the headline: "Does God Love You?" He explained to us that he'd tried to deliver his message to the Mayor in person but, for some reason, Gavin wouldn't see him. And, this guy came all the way from a trailer park outside San Jose to share the biblical remedy with us.

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And in other news...

- Landslide property owners get another 48 hours for cleanup plan

- Golden Gate Bridge approach, North Bay projects get funding

Letters, letters, letters...

- Newsom and Character

FCJ Quote of the Day

Mullah Dadullah
Taliban military commander

"The Americans have sown a seed. They will reap the crop for quite a long time. We will get our revenge on them, whether in Afghanistan or outside. The suicide martyrs, those willing to blow themselves up, are countless. Hundreds have registered their names already and are ready to go and we have hundreds more on the waiting list. Each is anxious to be the first to be sent."

- Mullah Dadullah,Taliban military commander, 3/1/7

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